BSI Report: BIM Considerations for Smart Cities


The BSI (British Standards Institution) ‘City data survey report’ by Ordnance Survey ‘for BSI in support of understanding data requirements and standards for smart city initiatives’ examines the BIM Considerations for Smart Cities.

The report concludes that BIM is linked to Smart City development and the approach to construction and the impact on the city and vice versa is a prime consideration. Data that supports BIM and Smart Cities will need to be shared, probably under business arrangements as the whole life-cycle of buildings and not just construction needs to be considered in a sustainable city environment.

City data survey report:

The report states that the approach, leadership and ability to work with a shared vision will be critical to the success of their coexistence. ‘An Integrated Future’ was the theme of the 2015 CitA BIM Gathering. Smart Cities and why BIM is required for their success was discussed at the Gathering. It has been discussed at CitA Breakfast Meetings. It was part of Paul Doherty’s recent presentation, and interview with BIM Ireland:


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