CitA to deliver Smarter Cooperative Building Series in 2016


The six professional bodies that make up the Construction Industry Council (CIC) will work with CitA in 2016 to develop an integrated BIM meeting series. This will create a more unified approach to BIM adoption in Ireland.

The CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016 is a unique initiative that will realise the meaning of ‘strength in numbers’, and will assist in accelerating Ireland’s transition to digitisation and leaner work practices and creating an integrated future for the Irish construction industry.

The programme for 2016 will predominately focus on capturing Ireland’s capability to perform at Level 2 BIM. It will focus on practical case studies in an Irish context, with an aim of developing a more ‘bottom-up’ cooperative approach to Irish BIM adoption, which will in turn help in creating a more standardised approach to BIM adoption in Ireland.

It is envisaged that there will be a series of six breakfast meetings, commencing in early 2016 with one overarching CIC/CitA introductory event scheduled to take place on the 10th February next, followed by five more focused events, each one partnered with a CIC member organisation.

The series will cumulate in a CitA Technology Challenge – a one day conference scheduled to coincide with Science Week in November 2016.

1st Event of 2016

Two weeks ago Irish Building Magazine covered the news that CitA’s first meeting would be on 10 February, and held at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. Titled ‘Building Digital Momentum of Ireland’s AEC Community’, speakers will include Paul Doherty, Chairman at theBIMcompany, President and CEO at the Digit Group Inc., Joern Ploennings, IBM and Luis Blanes, NUIG. The event will be chaired by the new incoming President of the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland (RIAI) Carole Pollard.

CitA’s Work

The influence of the 2016 UK BIM mandate will continue to be felt in Ireland’s construction sector, with Irish firms responding by up-skilling in BIM. CitA has responded to the Irish interest in BIM in recent years through its popular Smarter Building Series and CitA BIM Gathering conferences.

CitA was recently successful in securing Enterprise Ireland funding for the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP). Central to Enterprise Ireland’s BIM development plan is the provision of applicable BIM data, founded on focussed research and consultation with Irish industry and academia. This programme will be complementary to the proposed 2016 CitA BIM meeting series and assist in feeding into the work of the newly proposed National BIM Steering Committee (NBSC).

First Event of the CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016

BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP)

CitA BIM Gathering 2015

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