The CitA BIM Gathering 2015 – An Overwhelming Success


The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) held a world-class BIM event last week, The ‘CitA BIM Gathering 2015 – An Integrated Future’ was described by delegates as one of the best international BIM events of 2015. and Irish Building magazine attended the CitA BIM Gathering 2015 and over the coming weeks we will be provide interviews with the organisers, speakers, stakeholders and attendesses. We will also analyse what was discussed with regards Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the AEC sector in Ireland.

The Gathering was held over two days, 12th and 13th November, at The Gibson Hotel, Dublin.

Some of the themes were:

Using BIM in Facilities Management (FM);

BIM research in Ireland;

The use of BIM in the Irish construction industry;

The use of BIM over the life-cycle of infrastructure;

Change management;


The influence of BIM on the professions within the AECFM industry;

The challenges faced in adopting BIM;

BIM education;

BIM Technology.

If one word was to summarise this year’s event, it would be ‘world-class’. The organisation, speakers, presenters, scientific committee, sponsors, location, and attendees were all commendable.

The stereotype of ‘the builder’, inaccurate in any regard, portrayed poorly by the media in the past is no longer viable considering the technological advancements of recent years, the event saw a coming together of professionals right across the AECO spectrum with a single purpose in mind, implementing BIM.

The Gathering, to the observer, shows that construction is a highly technological and scientific industry that is going through a revolution.

Those who refuse to adapt will fall behind. BIM brings with it efficiencies and effectiveness which will bring great change to the industry. BIM is not the only technology advance. There are great advances in manufacturing, the internet of things, and robotics.

Having had a look at the forefront of industry, and research and development left attendees with much to consider. Construction is changing. It is not going to be the slow changing industry it has been branded as. It will be efficient and effective. It will be considered ‘modern’ in popular culture.


Attendees are already looking forward to the CitA BIM Gathering 2017.



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