Commencement of Consultation Process on the Adoption of BIM on Irish Public Works Projects


The big BIM news story this week is the commencement of the consultation process on the adoption of BIM on Irish public works projects. Irish building magazine will cover this in detail in Issue 1 of 2017.

The Government Contracts Committee for Construction (GCCC) has prepared a position paper for the purposes of inviting responses from the Irish Construction Industry. The position paper titled ‘A Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy’ outlines the context and justification for the adoption of Building Information Modelling on public works projects and presents a proposed timeline for adoption.

Responses are invited to the position paper from interested organisations and individuals. These responses should be submitted to by the close of business on 13 April 2017. A template response document is available to download here.

The forthcoming issue Irish building magazine will have exclusive interviews with David O’Brien, Senior Advisor to the Construction Procurement Policy Unit in the Office of Government Procurement, on the topics of the work of the Office of Government Procurement’s Construction Procurement Policy Unit and BIM in Irish Construction Public Procurement. David is also the current Chair of the GCCC.

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