BIM QnA with Ralph Montague and Fred Mills


BIM experts Ralph Montague, Managing Partner at ArcDox and Fred Mills, Co-Founder and Director of The B1M answer your BIM Questions in our second BIM QnA.

Where can small architectural firms learn more about BIM education courses and training?


“The internet is a great resource of information, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) has a number of subsidized training courses available, including a Masters in Construction Informatics, which can be done online, and in a modular format.”

“Before you go looking for education or training, you must understand what it is you need to know about BIM for your particular role.”

“BIM is both a process and a deliverable. It involves the collaborative production, management, and exchange of information about buildings (or built infrastructure). It is driven by technology, but it is not only about learning the technology. The technology you need will depend on your role, discipline or function in planning, design, construction or operations of buildings. It will also depend on your role within your business (director, project manager, project lead, engineer, technologist, surveyor etc.).”

“Get an ‘overview’ of BIM, before you commit to any significant education or training, to make sure you are getting the right training. (ArcDox offer a ½-day Strategic Overview of BIM workshop, to help you understand what you requirements may be).”

“Consider what ‘management’ skills you need, what ‘production’ skills you need, what ‘technical’ skills you need. Develop a personal ‘learning plan’ for each of the different roles within your business.”

“Most of the Universities or Institutes of Technology in Ireland now incorporate BIM into undergraduate programmes or offer post-graduate certificates, diplomas or even Masters in BIM or Construction Informatics. These are typically longer programmes (part-time or full-time).”

“If you need quick and consolidated training on software and process, there are a number of training providers in Ireland (like ArcDox). These usually focus on a particular set of tools or skills, so it depends on what you need.”

“Often, the question is whether BIM is applicable to small firms, and the answer is ‘absolutely’ – the ability to be more efficient at what you do, and provide better quality information, is helping small firms to ‘punch above their weight’, be more competitive, and win work.”

Internationally, what have been the largest projects delivered using BIM?

Fred-Mills- BIM Ireland .ieFred:

“A number of very large schemes around the world have been developed in a BIM environment.”

“The vast 11-year expansion of Panama Canal is worth USD $5.25BN and that began to use BIM in its latter stages.”

“In Australia, the team at New Royal Adelaide Hospital employed BIM to help deliver the USD $1.85BN complex, set to become the country’s leading healthcare facility.”

“It’s also been applied at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s new USD $3BN Midfield Terminal and on parts of London’s USD $20BN Crossrail programme; Europe’s largest construction project.”

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