Minecraft Construction Lessons created by The Chartered Institute of Building


The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has created a series of construction lessons for children that will be undertaken using Minecraft.

“Craft your Future”, for12 to 14-year-olds, is a series of four education lessons that take place in a virtual city in Minecraft called Newtown. The lessons can be downloaded anywhere and accessed using the Minecraft education platform.

During these lessons students will encounter problems that reflect real-world construction challenges and these will include real-life scenarios.



Minecraft allows users to build virtual world infrastructure: houses, buildings, cities using 3D-coloured cubes that represent different materials. The cubist structured landscape looks like a virtual LEGO set development.

Minecraft is a popular game. It is often spoken about by BIM and 3D professionals. BIMIreland.ie covered the topic last February. Minecraft is a great way of introducing kids to construction and BIM: planning, designing and building virtual structures.

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Playing games with BIM:


CIOB: http://www.ciob.org/

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/en/

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