Playing games with BIM


Minecraft is a popular game. It is often spoken about by BIM and 3D professionals. What can it do for architecture and real-world building? A lot is the answer from experts.

BlockWorks is a company comprised of virtual architectural designers which developed from people playing the game. The company started developing infrastructure for the gaming industry and has grown over the past few years. James Delaney, Managing Director, views the game as a computer-aided design tool. The game allows for a collaborative environment, similar in a way to BIM. Minecraft is now used in education, and it could be a pivotal tool in influencing young people towards a career in building design.

A while back, a property developer used Minecraft on public housing projects in Sweden. Using Minecraft as a basis of design, the developer was able to communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

If you have never played the game – if you liked LEGO as a child you will probably like Minecraft. Minecraft allows the user to build virtual world infrastructure: houses, buildings, cities, and underground structures, using 3D-coloured cubes that represent different materials. The cubist structured landscape looks like a virtual LEGO set development.

The game was introduced in 2009 and has become one of the world’s most popular games. If you are a construction professional, playing Minecraft will lead you to think about Building Information Modelling.

In addition to fantasy buildings, villages, towns, cities, Minecraft users have replicated nearly every famous building, including the White House. There are many videos on YouTube showing users’ creations.





Minecraft Provides a Path to BIM 2.0 (Co-authored by Paul Doherty)

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