MurphyUAV, introducing unmanned aerial vehicles to assist in data collection


Murphy Surveys, established over 30 years ago, continue to be leaders in the industry in providing cost-effective survey solutions, implementing the latest in cutting edge technology along with a team of highly qualified personnel.

Continual investment in the latest surveying equipment and technology allows the firm to provide the most efficient solutions that cut costs and risks for clients, while meeting the highest standards in accuracy and details.

Murphy Surveys have been the first in Ireland to implement many new industry techniques such as 3D Laser Scanning and we look to continue this pattern. This year sees the launch of MurphyUAV, introducing unmanned aerial vehicles to assist in data collection.

Recently, the company obtained the Falcon 8 UAV, making Murphy Surveys the first company in Ireland to have this impressive technology. This mass data capturing tool has the ability of covering large areas, which could take several days if using traditional methods, while still maintaining survey grade deliverables.  Additionally, so much more can be created from the data, from orthophotos to full 3D models, with the ability to overlay extracted vector data to asset management.

Coinciding with this is the Specialist Inspection Services [SIS] division which has been developed for the inspections of bridges, tunnels, marine structures and buildings. We offer clients specially trained inspection teams who can undertake inspections which require underwater, rope access or confined space inspection techniques.

Our SIS Division can also offer other specialist services within Murphy Surveys e.g. Ground Penetrating Radar to assess foundations, Laser Scanning for tunnel inspections, Aerial Surveys using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, Electrical Resistivity Imaging – for imaging sub-surface structures, Monitoring for railway and highways, ground and building movement, settlement, vibration and noise and Hydrographic and Topographical Surveys.

What does this mean for our clients? Our in-house engineers can now offer visual, general, principal and special inspections for structural inspection, underwater inspection, scour inspection, post flood inspection and more.

Our skilled staff offer over 40 years of combined UAV and Engineering expertise, meaning that you can trust you will be in good hands with Murphy Surveys.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Looking ahead, the company keeps an eye firmly on innovation along with high standards of practice. Murphy Surveys now seeks to break new ground even further by looking at the possibilities of introducing Virtual Reality [VR] to the BIM world. Using the Oculus Rift, VR can allow users to get a real-world sense of the scale of a project as they are immersed in a 3D environment, making it feel as though they have been teleported to that place.

The advantages of introducing VR to BIM are endless, with advancements in game engines it is possible to offer a rich, photorealistic and accurate visualization, fly-through and walk through of scenes. Because of the nature of BIM as a 3D environment, integrating Virtual Reality with an existing 3D model is easy, in the future it will be possible with one click to view the BIM model using VR.

Augmented Reality [AR] is another area which can be explored with the introduction of VR, this will allow information from a BIM or other database to be visually displayed over cameras in mobile devices. This means users can view important information in the real world instantly.

Services engineers will now be able to view ducts, utilities and related information from a BIM model in real time. With this, finding hidden pipes over ceilings or under floors will become a simple task of pointing a mobile camera in a given direction without the need to remove tiles or floors in the first place and so eliminating the guesswork that can go along with that. Using the same principle, data from sensors can be graphically displayed in 3D over camera displays for heating and electrical systems easily, further utilising AR.

By keeping an eye on the latest in ground breaking technology, Murphy Surveys continue to be leaders in the industry, remaining as one of the most innovative companies in this sphere.

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