MurphyUAV Ready to Launch in the UK


Murphy Surveys’ new division MurphyUAV has recently been awarded their CAA ‘Permission for Aerial Work’ (PfAW) or ‘Permission for Commercial Work’ (PfCW) making it now possible for the company to carry out aerial surveys in the UK.

The CAA [Civil Aviation Authority] is the statutory corporation which oversees and regulates all aspects of civil aviation within the United Kingdom ensuring that the industry meets the highest safety standards, that consumers are protected and looks to drive improvements across the industry.

Due to the nature and availability of UAVs or drones, stringent rules have been established to ensure that any aerial operations are carried out within safety controls and without causing any disruption to people or properties. Operators must hold their PfAW or PfCW before such aerial work can be carried out for commercial gain and now you know you can trust that MurphyUAV are operating to the highest levels of excellence within this field. With the popularity of drones on the rise, it is important for consumers to know that those carrying out commercial work are certified to do so.

Commenting on the accreditation, Julian Deeks, Director of MurphyUAV commented that he is “…extremely excited to have the opportunity to work across both Ireland and the UK, MurphyUAV has worked with some of the biggest companies across varied industries within Ireland delivering data that customers both need and want.”

“We are able to give customers a fully interactive data set that they are able immerse themselves within, however we still see the importance in traditional data delivery. We are now in a great position to showcase what we have learned within Ireland and export our expertise towards the UK market with the help of Murphy Surveys.”

MurphyUAV will integrate seamlessly within the existing services on offer from Murphy Surveys giving clients an eye in the sky for their future projects.

Get in touch today, email or call +353 (0)45 484 040 (Ire)

                 +44 (0) 203 178  6644 (UK)

View the official MurphyUAV brochure online now.

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