Report from CitA’s 3rd Breakfast Meeting Event of 2016


CitA’s 3rd Event of the CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016 was a success.

The event, on May 5th in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin, was well attended and attendees praised the presentations and interactive Q&A session that followed.

Ronan Collins, Managing Director of InteliBuild, Brian Lahiff from Garland, John McDonnell of EDC, Greg Hayden and Anthony Condon of Ethos Engineering were the speakers for the event. CitA staff members were active on social media during the event and interacted with BIM enthusiasts on Twitter, and attendees praised the event on social media.

Ronan Collins, Managing Director of InteliBuild, was the keynote speaker. InteliBuild is an international industry leader in BIM services. Ronan, who recently did a interview, compared what was being done four years ago at the time of his last CitA presentation to what is being done now. He spoke about InteliBuild projects in North America and Malaysia. He spoke about many topics including the problems with BIM adoption, the advantages of laser scanning, the possibility of ‘Silicon Valley’ technology companies entering the construction industry, and the advantages of using Virtual Reality technology to identify health and safety risks. An experienced speaker, Ronan’s presentation brought praise.

Brian Lahiff from Garland spoke about some of the projects which his company has used BIM on, including Franklin House and Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing, St James’s Hospital, Dublin. He praised the visualisations of BIM rendering and discussed PAS 1192.

John McDonnell of EDC spoke about his company’s BIM case studies. He talked about the BIM Accreditation process. His recommendation was to start on small projects and get the 3D modelling right before progressing. He talked from experience about winning work abroad and what is required for BIM Level 2, among other topics.

Greg Hayden and Anthony Condon of Ethos Engineering were the last speakers. They talked about their BIM experiences and identified the advantage of BIM visualisation. The lack of collaboration was identified as an industry problem. Anthony discussed what Ethos has learned from BIM projects.

The following Q&A session raised questions and provided answers about procurement, IPD and Lean Construction in Hong Kong, the role of consultants in BIM adoption, and the importance of informing the client about BIM, and the problems with traditional contracts. Dr Louis Gunnigan of Dublin Institute of Technology praised the presentations and commended CitA. Dr Alan Hore closed the event, saying it was a ‘fantastic morning’ and spoke about the 4th CitA meeting in June, which will be chaired by the CIF and CIOB.

Irish building magazine Issue 2 of 2016 will have full coverage of this event and the June CitA event.

BIM People – Ronan Collins:

The CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016 will assist in accelerating Ireland’s transition to digitisation and leaner work practices and creating an integrated future for the Irish construction industry.

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