2nd CitA Breakfast Meeting of 2016 very well attended


The 2nd breakfast meeting of the CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016 took place on March 9th. The topic was ‘The Role of Digitisation in Propelling Irish Architecture’.

The event was praised by attendees and the Q&A Session raised interesting questions and comments.

Paul Dodd of The Scottish Futures Trust was the keynote speaker and spoke about Scotland’s BIM Journey and how Ireland can learn from Scotland’s experiences in BIM adoption. Gary Mongey of Box Architecture gave a talk on BIM adoption in small practices. Tony Reddy and William Power from Reddy Architecture + Urbanism spoke about their experiences of using BIM in Ireland and the UK.


Dr Alan Hore talking to a full room at the 2nd breakfast meeting of the CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016

The Q&A Session was very interactive, with many questions and comments from attendees. One question raised the issue of coordination on projects in Ireland whereby individual designers will work on their own designs and then put them in the model. It was said that the role of a BIM Coordinator is essential. A key comment was on traditional contracts and the need for their realignment with the BIM process.

We will have an in-depth report on the recent meeting in next month’s issue of Irish building magazine.

The CitA Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2016 will assist in accelerating Ireland’s transition to digitisation and leaner work practices and creating an integrated future for the Irish construction industry. The next breakfast meeting will be in May.

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