Using Smart Tablets and Apps on Sites


Only a decade ago the use of tablet computers on sites would have been viewed as too futuristic. However, the use of tablets is becoming common. Technology is making a big impact on how construction is being supervised, with tablets and apps, and other technologies.

Tablets are being used for to gain efficiencies. They are used for monitoring projects and for inspection. Tablets have been used in construction, road maintenance, and building maintenance in recent years. Here are some links to sources detailing the use of tablets.

Tekla BIMsight on Motion’s rugged tablets for construction

Connected Tablets in Construction – Telstra Enterprise

Tablets Allow Texas DOT Roadwork Inspections to be More Efficient

There are a variety of apps available. Construction apps are constantly being created. has a variety of apps covering Quality Assurance and Quality Control – Inspection, BIM/CAD, Project Construction Management, and entertainment.

Interest in BIM adoption and the digitalisation of the construction industry is growing in Ireland. At the 2015 CitA BIM Gathering we got to hear and read about what the future holds for technology in construction.

With the use of drones, wearable technology, surveying equipment and apps, the industry is fast becoming digitalised. The DAQRI Smart Helmet, marketed as ‘The World’s First Wearable Human Machine Interface’, is the latest technology made for site and field work. This technology was described recently in Here are some links to our recent technology articles:

Augment reality with the DAQRI Smart Helmet

Last year we covered the use of drone technology in construction.

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