Augment reality with the DAQRI Smart Helmet


The DAQRI Smart Helmet allows workers to take constructions and augment data or information on top of the work surface. Research is being undertaken on how to use BIM with the helmet.

Interest in BIM adoption and the digitalisation of the construction industry is growing in Ireland. At the CitA BIM Gathering last November we got to hear and read about what the future holds for construction. Many of the technologies spoken about are already available; it is just a case of integrating them into the construction industry. The DAQRI Smart Helmet is one of the most talked about products in construction IT.

The helmet, marketed as ‘The World’s First Wearable Human Machine Interface’, is equipped with over a dozen sensors to deliver synchronized data about the built environment and the user. It can replace the traditional hard-hat in the employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE). Studies have concluded the technology can improve efficiency across work environments. The product is suitable for a number of industries.

DAQRI, a human-machine interface company, has its headquarters in Los Angeles. DAQRI International has offices on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2.

There are a variety of videos on YouTube discussing the technology and what it offers users. We have some links below to interesting videos:

The Origins of DAQRI Smart Helmet

DAQRI Smart Helmet: Under the Hood

Daqri’s Smart Helmet Hands On


This augmented reality helmet could revolutionize the construction site

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