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In its autumn graduation ceremonies, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) added BIM graduates to its list of conferees with the graduation of DIT’s first level 9 Postgraduate Certificate in BIM Technologies and Postgraduate Diploma in Collaborative BIM.

This is a significant event for the Irish construction industry as Building Information Modelling becomes main-stream, and BIM graduates are much coveted for their knowledge and skills. This was recently identified in a Construction Industry Council (CIC) video.

BIMIreland.ie discussed the courses with DIT’s Malachy Mathews. Malachy said: “This year’s 53 graduates of the Postgraduate Certificate in BIM Technologies were a mix of students who had progressed from the level 8 CPD Diploma in BIM Technologies and those who has started directly on the level 9 programme. Some 31 of the direct-entry graduates were funded by the 2014 Springboard funding initiative which has proven to be a great success in assisting professionals in the sector return to work with a new set of skills. 20 of the Springboard-funded students with 26 of their self-funded group have continued on the programme and are undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma in Collaborative BIM stage.”

“Seven students progressed from the two-year CPD Diploma in Collaborative BIM Technologies onto the level 9 programme and they graduated with the Postgraduate Diploma in Collaborative BIM. Next year we hope to graduate our first students with the award MSc in Applied Building Information Modelling and Management.”

Avril Behan and Malachy Mathews are course leaders for BIM. We asked Malachy how many students were on the BIM courses in DIT. Malachy said: The College of Engineering and Built Environment has approximately 100 postgraduates students registered on its MSc aBIMM, approximately 50 on the PG Cert, approximately 46 on the PG Dip, and 9 completed or doing bridging modules from the older CPD courses.

According to Malachy, BIM graduates are in such high demand that they are getting job offers before they finish their courses. DIT also teaches BIM modules on their undergraduate courses.

Raymond Quirke was one of the BIM graduates. Raymond completed his Level 9 Post Graduate Diploma in Collaborative BIM. BIMIreland.ie talked to Raymond about his experience of the course.

BIMIreland.ie: What were the main subjects on the course, and what did you find most beneficial?

Raymond: I found both real life projects to be beneficial, Seamus Ennis Centre and Grangegorman student halls, as I worked closely with all AEC members, learning their needs, software and project goals. It was very enlightening. I learned new skills in Navisworks and Revit, both of which I can use professionally to a very high standard. I learned about EIRs and BIM execution plans and how to run a project to UK Level 2 BIM.

Naturally I made some great friends from all over Ireland and picked up some new skills and I got a real feel for the AEC industry in Ireland. It was a great course, right on the edge of a new and developing subject / industry in BIM.

I also valued Malachy Mathews lectures, and Trevor Woods’ lectures and really enjoyed using Navisworks with Revit in his class. So I find these new software skills may be the most beneficial to my future career.

BIMIreland.ie: What will you do now?


I’m actively seeking PAYE employment in the architectural design/construction management field. I hope to eventually continue my studies in BIM.

Congratulations to all the BIM graduates.


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