The CIC’s BIM Vision: ‘Transition to Digitisation in Irish Construction’


The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has released a video featuring industry leaders speaking about the digitisation of construction and what BIM can offer the construction industry.

The video is titled, ‘Transition to Digitisation in Irish Construction’ and has BIM as the main focus. According to the video, what will be needed are vision, leadership and education.

CitA’s Dr Alan Hore and representatives from Enterprise Ireland and the Construction Industry Council bodies describe the transition the construction industry is facing with the adoption of BIM.

Link to ‘BIM Vision’:

The video focuses on what BIM can offer the industry and what is needed for going forward. There is also an emphasis on what young professionals and new graduates can bring to the industry with their BIM and technology knowledge and skills. This is something which has arisen in other media and discussions. Graduates with BIM expertise are now a valuable asset to companies.

The Construction Industry Council, formed in 1991, is comprised of representatives of Ireland’s six largest construction bodies.

The Construction Industry Council members are: 
• The Association of Consulting Engineers in Ireland
• The Building Materials Federation
• The Construction Industry Federation
• Engineers Ireland
• The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
• The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

The CIC meets monthly, and has regular meetings with other professional bodies, the Irish Government and international organisations. The CIC has produced many reports relating to the construction industry and the broader built-environment over the past decade. These are available to download from its website.

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The past week has been very eventful for the Irish construction community, specifically those active with BIM, with the first national survey on BIM adoption in Ireland and with Digital Construction Week in London. With the launch of in the past month, and the 2015 CitA BIM Gathering only two weeks away, 2015 will go down as a milestone year for BIM in Ireland.


The Construction Industry Council (CIC) Website

Suzanne Purcell, General Manager of CitA discussing the 2015 CitA BIM Gathering

First National Survey on BIM adoption in Ireland will keep you updated on BIM news.

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