CitA Tech Live 2022 Speaker – Susan Pierce


CitA’s 3rd TECH LIVE conference will be a three-day event (June 15th-17th) focusing on the key challenges in construction and how the construction industry must change by embracing new ways of working. Attendees of this conference will gain insight from home and abroad to become a better, faster, more attractive and greener industry.

The event will be an open invitation for industry, academia, government, and IT vendors to submit presentation proposals on addressing one or more of the top 10 challenges facing the construction industry in 2022

This exciting conference will take place online on June 15, 16 and in-person on June 17 at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.

Susan Pierce graduated with a Master’s degree in Energy Systems Engineering from University College Dublin, having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. During her time in university, she carried out research into the decarbonisation of communities, focusing on the integration of energy modelling and stakeholder engagement. Following her studies, she continued working with the university to develop their first Energy Master Plan, which aimed to identify feasible steps that could be taken towards the decarbonisation of the campus

Since joining IES as a Research Consultant in 2020, Susan has worked on a range of projects, aiming to utilise the digital twin technology to improve the sustainability of the built environment and encourage the uptake of low-carbon technologies. In particular, her work has focused on the development of community- and city-scale digital twins, creating baseline energy models for a number of European cities. Most recently, she has been working on utilising the digital twin of Limerick City to create a tailored decarbonisation roadmap out to 2050, analysing the impact of national plans and targets on the carbon emissions of the city. 

What is the title of your paper?

The paper is titled “Achieving Limerick’s 2050 Vision: How digital twin technology is supporting the drive towards net-zero cities”

What is the focus of your paper presentation?

This presentation will focus on the development of a baseline digital twin for Limerick City, and the use of this city-scale model to test the impact of proposed decarbonisation measures on the operational carbon emissions of the city out to 2050. 

Why is this an important topic in digital construction?

Digital twin technology can support construction from single-building scale up to city-level, allowing for improved energy performance and for the creation of net-zero carbon pathways. 

What are you most looking forward to at the CitA Tech Live?

Susan is looking forward to learning from experts working in the construction industry and sharing the ongoing development of digital twin technology for the built environment.

Visit the CitA Tech Live site for more info and secure your place.

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