CitA Tech Live 2022 Speaker – Andrew Bellerby


CitA’s 3rd TECH LIVE conference will be a three-day event (June 15th-17th) focusing on the key challenges in construction and how the construction industry must change by embracing new ways of working. Attendees of this conference will gain insight from home and abroad to become a better, faster, more attractive and greener industry.

The event will be an open invitation for industry, academia, government, and IT vendors to submit presentation proposals on addressing one or more of the top 10 challenges facing the construction industry in 2022

This exciting conference will take place online on June 15, 16 and in-person on June 17 at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin.

Andrew Bellerby started his career training as a structural engineer while working at a large steelwork contractor and as part of that he was introduced to 3D modelling of the steelwork more than 30 years ago, something that he took to straight away and saw huge benefits using the model for data extraction and fabrication directly from the model.

I was fortunate enough to be able to move onto the software side of the industry and travel the world while working in various roles in both AceCad Software and then Tekla (Trimble).

I spent 12 years at Tekla most of them as MD and built up their operations in the UK and Ireland as well as their market share and left them in a position of strength as clear market leader before I moved to Solibri. This was an opportunity to build a small team almost as a startup in the UK and whereas previously my roles had involved working on the authoring of models this role interested me as we were now checking the quality of the models, not just clash detection but checking for compliance with building codes, regulations etc.

This opened my eyes more than I realised with the (lack of) quality of models being produced, something that is improving each year. My role now is developing our business in te UK and Ireland while also overseeing sales in the US and also some involvement in the Middle East too. Outside of work I keep myself active, running, cycling, golf, cricket and watch football too. Always competitive but also make sure I enjoy myself too. 

What is the title of your paper? 

Quality Assets, Quality Data … It Starts With You! 

What is the focus of your paper presentation? 

BIM and digital engineering have changed design processes, changed job roles and blurred responsibilities. Many companies state that quality is one of their strategic objectives and yet in the design process quality assurance and control is often done as an afterthought and often paid lip service. We often hear from companies that we talk to that “we’ll do this when we are told we have to”. New regulations such as the Building Safety Bill and the need to provide information and transparency for the golden thread which highlight responsibility means that people are now having to check the quality of their work. The aim is to highlight that point and that many of the quality control checks can be automated and simplified, it doesn’t have to be so difficult to implement. 

Why is this an important topic in digital construction? 

The Grenfell disaster and subsequent outcomes from the Hackitt report have resulted in the Building Services Bill being published, companies in the UK must adhere to this. On top of this companies CSR statements and policies often cite quality as a key strategic priority. Everyone should be concerned with quality, just as much as Health and Safety. A quality design saves waste which as we know saves time, saves money as well as reducing carbon with less rework. Of course bad quality also affects a companies reputation and brand. 

What are you most looking forward to at the CitA Tech Live?

Interaction face to face again with people. After a couple of years of Zoom and Teams meetings, it is good to have those personal meetings again.

Visit the CitA Tech Live site for more info and secure your place.

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