CitA Tech Live 2022 speaker – Eoin McEnery


CitA’s 3rd TECH LIVE conference will be a three-day event (June 15th-17th) focusing on the key challenges in construction and how the construction industry must change by embracing new ways of working. Attendees of this conference will gain insight from home and abroad to become a better, faster, more attractive and greener industry.

The event will be an open invitation for industry, academia, government, and IT vendors to submit presentation proposals on addressing one or more of the top 10 challenges facing the construction industry in 2022

This exciting conference will take place online on June 15, 16 and in-person on June 17 at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. showcases some of the keynote speakers at the CitA Tech Live 2022.

Eoin McEneryis an experienced quantity surveyor with 10+ years’ experience across multiple regions including, Ireland, UK and Middle East. I started my career at Davis Langdon (now AECOM) in London and am currently employed as an Associate in Mitchell McDermott Construction Consultants in Dublin. In between, I have spent some time in the Middle East which was a useful to see how our industry in other parts of the world operates. My current role is leading the Munster region in Mitchell McDermott and my management team responsibilities include construction inflation monitoring which is a hot topic in 2022. I co-authored the Mitchell McDermott 2022 Apartment Inflation Infocard which was released earlier this year.

In my career to date, I have been lucky enough to work with and learn from some of the best people in the industry as well as work through some challenging situations which has moulded me as a professional. My experience stretches across multiple sectors and from one-off projects to large urban regeneration schemes.

Presentation: ‘Adapting to an Inflationary Market’

From a cost / commercial perspective, we rely on designers to provide the information to facilitate some of the work we do (i.e. procurement and agree contracts). The more we can digitise the industry the hope is that we become more efficient, re-work / errors get reduced and as a whole our productivity and efficiency improves. We need to be ready from a commercial perspective to ride along the digitalisation wave or risk being left behind. 

Eoin is looking forward getting a real insight into how much appetite there is in the industry to tackle the current challenges, and, adopt and implement new ways of going things, all the while keeping net-zero targets front and centre as we move forward.

Visit the CitA Tech Live site for more info and secure your place.

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