CitA Tech Live 2022 Speaker – Dr Sharon Richardson


CitA’s 3rd TECH LIVE conference will be a three-day event (June 15th-17th) focusing on the key challenges in construction and how the construction industry must change by embracing new ways of working. Attendees of this conference will gain insight from home and abroad to become a better, faster, more attractive and greener industry.

The event will be an open invitation for industry, academia, government, and IT vendors to submit presentation proposals on addressing one or more of the top 10 challenges facing the construction industry in 2022

This exciting conference will take place online on June 15, 16 and in-person on June 17 at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. showcases some of the keynote speakers at the CitA Tech Live 2022.

Dr Sharon Richardson is a data and AI strategist at Databricks. Databricks provides a managed service for scaling data analytics and AI using cloud computing.
I’ve been in the IT industry for over 25 years focused on technologies transforming the ‘intelligence – decision – action’ cycle that underpins cognitive and social behaviour.
More recently I became interested in the smart city narrative and how mobile devices were altering everyday life.
I took an academic career break to complete a MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics that led to a PhD in cognitive and spatial data science, both at University College London.
At Databricks, I help clients envision how data and AI can transform decision making, evaluate the potential benefits, and develop strategies to embed data and AI into business processes
Sharon’s presentation is titled Real-time AI: Opportunities and Challenges
The focus of the presentation will be how the combination of big data and AI is advancing our decision-making abilities in real-world situations, and some of the more recent developments in AI that could benefit the construction industry.
Sharon believes that the field of AI has advanced tremendously over the past decade and is yet to slow down. It creates a lot of opportunities to innovate within, and disrupt, industries.
Construction has a lot to benefit from AI, such as dramatically reducing waste and carbon emissions, reducing risk and increasing safety and productivity.
It’s an industry where humans and machines often work in close proximity and changeable conditions. There are so many areas where AI can assist.
However, it can also be a challenging industry to adopt AI. There can be a lot of inertia to overcome to incorporate AI in decisions and processes.
But that is beginning to change. There is a growing awareness that AI can really help with some of the big challenges of our time, particularly around resource waste and risk reduction.
Sharon says she is looking forward to hearing what others have to say about new technologies and how they are being used to advance industries.
It’s a great agenda and I am really looking forward to participating in the other sessions.

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