CitA Gathering Keynote speaker – Rebecca De Cicco

0 showcases some of the keynote speakers at the CitA BIM Gathering 2021.

Rebecca De Cicco, Founding Director of Digital Node, a digital consultancy focused on the uptake and use of BIM and digital engineering in the construction sector presents her keynote speaker paper ‘How digitisation of the construction industry will impact on the future of a globally connected World’. Global advisory firm Aurecon acquired Digital Node in March of this year and Rebecca now acts as Principal of Digital Operations, informing and advising for the group.

‘’My paper focuses on some of the key drivers across our sector when it comes to digitisation and how we as an industry will need to support future skills and a future workforce to offer services to a changing industry. The paper also discusses the impact of diversity and the group I founded, Women in BIM, whose primary aim was to keep our members connected, educated and supported to allow for these changes across our sector’’ she says.

Rebecca stresses that the United Nations Sustainability Goals are key enablers to the future of our world. ‘’These goals are ultimate drivers in the way we live, work and thrive both in developed and non-developed regions. The digitisation and evolution of digital across the construction sector will fundamentally impact how we live and work in a future world, not only driven by advancements in technology but also the impact of a post-COVID world, with many of our people either working remotely or offering services to our clients outside of where we live and work’’ she adds.

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