Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point Software partners with ArcDox


Eagle Point Software’s Pinnacle Series has announced a partnership with ArcDox, Ireland’s premier BIM consultancy specialist practice.

John Biver, President and CEO of Eagle Point Software says: “ArcDox is an exciting addition to our network of partners. As one of Ireland’s leading BIM consultancy practices, ArcDox seeks productivity gains and ways to achieve better outcomes on construction projects and Pinnacle Series AEC e-learning system is the ideal tool for the team to provide expert software training, plus is a central place to store company workflows and procedures.”

The Pinnacle Series AEC fully-featured e-learning system includes thousands of videos, documents, and other learning resources, and enables long-term employee training and on-demand problem-solving.

Pat Slattery, Managing Director at ArcDox, explained, “We’re excited by our new partnership with Pinnacle Series. ArcDox has supported companies, project teams, and individuals adopt and implement BIM and we recognize the important role that education, and developing skills and knowledge has in equipping the industry to perform at a higher level.

“The current pandemic has highlighted the need for businesses to support remote-working, knowledge sharing, and development management through the use of digital tools. The Pinnacle Series platform provides the means to leverage technology so staff continues learning, growing, and performing at a productive level without the need for full-time physical mentoring. We look forward to introducing clients to this new age of digital learning”, said Pat.

To find out more about ArcDox go to
Twitter @ralph_arcdox 

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