Spain’s largest building engineers’ association choose GRAPHISOFT


Located in Barcelona, CAATEEB is Spain’s largest association of surveyors, technical architects, and building engineers, and a leading authority on building engineering in the country.

According to the agreement, GRAPHISOFT distributor and exclusive training center SIMBIM will provide official training and BIM manager certification programs based on Archicad. As part of the joint collaboration, SIMBIM and CAATEEB will organize Archicad-themed professional seminars through monthly and quarterly activities benefiting CAATEEB members and other BIM professionals in the region.

In a separate agreement, young members of CAATEEB — or any company that hires a young member — can purchase Archicad at a discounted rate. Such support applies if the member is under 30 years of age and commits to obtaining GRAPHISOFT Archicad BIM professional certification.

“We are thrilled about collaborating with CAATEEB and encourage companies to hire young professionals who work with Archicad,” said Dr. Mohsen Shojaee Far, CEO of SIMBIM. “These agreements will give young building engineering graduates easy access to a leading BIM software solution that seamlessly connects architects and engineers.”

“We are pleased to partner with GRAPHISOFT — one of the leading global BIM software vendors — to directly support our members. We would also like to thank GRAPHISOFT and SIMBIM for recognizing our efforts in positioning Archicad as an official CAATEEB BIM partner in Barcelona,” said Teresa Pallàs i Torres, Education Director of CAATEEB.


SIMBIM® is an innovative and fully BIM integrated architectural and construction consultancy in Spain with offices in Madrid and Barcelona and regional activities across Spain and around the world. SIMBIM’s core business focus is on BIM implementation for the private and public sectors within the construction industry (AEC) through the distribution and implementation of major European BIM software solutions, technologies, workflows, and standards.

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