Hadeel Saadoon — ‘Digitising Coventry University Estates’


Hadeel Saadoon, BIM Manager for Coventry University Estates talks to BIMIreland.ie about her upcoming presentation at CitA Tech Live, titled ‘Digitising Coventry University Estates — The road to Digital Twins’ taking place on Wednesday, 23 September and what she is looking forward to hearing about over the week-long event.

Chartered Architectural Technologist and multi-award winning BIM specialist promoting the use of Digital Technologies in the AECO industry, Hadeel is the BIM Manager for Coventry University Estates leading the BIM implementation and digital transformation strategy across Estates operation and development projects. Hadeel is also the Chair of BIM4Estates group, Regional Lead for Women in BIM and Vice Chair of CIAT West Midlands.

Please tell us about your work.

I work as a Building Information Manager in Coventry University Estates Digital Services team. We have started digitising our Estates information in the last two years and I’m leading the digital transformation. The application of BIM processes and following standards are supporting us to receive better building information from our development projects which is enabling us to manage and operate our university buildings more efficiently.

What is the focus of your CitA Tech Live presentation?

The focus of my presentation is on Estates wide digital transformation and the importance of receiving accurate data to support the operational phase. I will also discuss our work in retrospective modelling of our buildings and the creation of a Digital Twin of the university campus.

Why is this topic important in Digital Construction?

It is important because the lifecycle of building data shouldn’t end at construction. Building information should be collected in an accurate and usable way to support facilities management and the operation and maintenance of buildings.

Have you attended CitA events in the past?

Yes I have attended the CitA BIM Innovation Conference in 2016 and I was honoured in the CitA BIM Innovation Awards with my previous company the McAvoy group for best use of BIM in offsite construction.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at CitA Tech Live?

I’m looking forward to hearing the views of my colleagues in the Digital Twin panel and also looking forward to attending the sessions on working with COVID-19. Having digitised and updated our building information in the Estates really helped us to utilise the data in the current project of the reopening of the campus plans and I’m looking forward to hearing about the experiences of others in the sector.

CitA Tech Live 2020 will be a virtual conference taking place between 21-25 September next. CitA have assembled 20 experts from across the globe to address five transformational forces that will change the way the industry works: focusing on the daily themes of Working with COVID-19, Disruptive Technologies, Digital Twins, Data Management and Modularisation.

The speakers will help provide insights into how the construction industry is rapidly moving towards being more inclusive, innovative and collaborative by use of smart technologies.

CitA hope you can join them for 2 hours each day between 21-25 September from 1.30pm-3.30pm and take away inspirational messages that you can apply in your own work environment.

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