GRAPHISOFT expands BIMcloud as a Service to Global Availability, Offers Free 60-Day Access


ARCHICAD users working from home can use BIMcloud as a Service to effectively work together as integrated teams regardless of project size or location of team members

GRAPHISOFT®, a global leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solutions for architects, has expanded the availability of BIMcloud as a Service worldwide to help architects and designers collaborate in the current shift to working from home in these challenging times; it is being offered free for 60 days to ARCHICAD users through its new web shop.

BIMcloud as a Service is a cloud solution provided by GRAPHISOFT that offers all the benefits of ARCHICAD Teamwork. Fast, easy, international access to BIMcloud as a Service means design teams can work together in real-time regardless of the size of the project, the location of the team members, or the speed of the Internet connection. No up-front IT investment, quick and easy deployment, and scalability make BIMcloud as a Service a powerful tool for remote collaboration, especially at a time when many architects may not have access to their office hardware.

“To help our users adjust to working together while at home, we are offering free 60-day emergency access to BIMcloud as a Service to all commercial ARCHICAD users worldwide,” said Huw Roberts, CEO, GRAPHISOFT. “Previously available only in a limited number of markets, we are glad to have been able to quickly expand availability through a network of regional data centers around the world — to assure high performance while meeting the needs of our users everywhere. This reliable and secure solution to empower remote team collaboration is helping our user community maintain business continuity in the current environment.”

According to Francisco Behr, Principal, Behr Browers Architects, “BIMcloud as a Service is exactly what architects need to transition to working from home without missing a beat. The IT setup was fast and easy.  We’re currently working on several large projects and the collaboration among our colleagues and partners has been very smooth across the board.”

ARCHICAD users are invited to activate BIMcloud as a Service by visiting For more information, please visit BIMcloud as a Service in the Help Center.

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