Brandon Oliveri-O’Connor — ‘How COVID-19 has impacted construction’


Brandon Oliveri-O’Connor, Director of the UK & Ireland at Procore talks to about his presentation today Monday, 21 September at CitA Tech Live.

Brandon’s presentation is titled: ‘How COVID-19 has impacted construction and accelerated a transformation in how we work’. Here he tells us about this and what he is looking forward to hearing about over the week ahead.

Please tell us about your work.

I’m the Director of the UK and Ireland at Procore having launched the London office in 2018 to support the company’s growth and maintain a culture of partnering with clients. I first started at Procore in 2015 in the Austin (USA) office and gained an understanding of the construction sector globally as well as the challenges of entering new markets. Procore is a construction management software which by being a platform technology acts as a source of truth for an entire project that all stakeholders operate from – whether it’s to access files or to check in on status. Overall, we aim to help organisations improve quality, productivity and site safety.

What is the focus of your CitA Tech Live presentation?

I’ll be speaking on Monday 21 September around how COVID-19 is accelerating the transformation of the construction industry. With home offices being hastily re-provisioned into front offices, the crisis has highlighted and emphasised the importance of particular technologies to maintain connection. As we need to look beyond COVID-19 to move forward, my talk which is entitled ‘How COVID-19 has impacted construction and accelerated a transformation in how we work’, will highlight how as an industry we can build a more successful and productive way of working while taking learnings from the past 6 months.

Why is this topic important in Digital Construction?

Digital transformation in construction is hugely important to help us navigate the future of work successfully. If we’ve learned anything from the last 6 months, it’s that connectivity and mobility are king. We must be open to discuss how to arm teams with the right technology and tools as only then can they work as efficiently and proactively as possible. From our recent research, 80% of the UK construction managers surveyed believe that platform technology will play a role in the future of how we work in construction so shedding a light on it is key. To learn more about how a single platform can connect everyone and everything, you can re-watch my colleague Tom’s recent demo at CitA this year here.

Have you attended CitA events in the past?

Personally, I haven’t so it’s great to be part of the event line-up this year! Especially as we recognise CitA as one of the leading construction technology associations in Ireland. We look forward to working even more closely with such organisations to help continue raising awareness of the importance of digitalisation in the construction sector.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at CitA Tech Live?

I believe in the importance of open discussions and having the industry all together, so I’m excited to hear from other vendors as well as the brilliant line-up of top-tier contractors, such as Skanska UK and Multiplex. I think we can all learn from different perspectives and insights to ultimately build upon how we work generally.

CitA Tech Live 2020 will be a virtual conference taking place between 21-25 September next. CitA have assembled 20 experts from across the globe to address five transformational forces that will change the way the industry works: focusing on the daily themes of Working with COVID-19, Disruptive Technologies, Digital Twins, Data Management and Modularisation.

The speakers will help provide insights into how the construction industry is rapidly moving towards being more inclusive, innovative and collaborative by use of smart technologies.

CitA hope you can join them for 2 hours each day between 21-25 September from 1.30pm-3.30pm and take away inspirational messages that you can apply in your own work environment.

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