Dynamo Users Ireland Group focus on Automation, Generative & Computational Design for Construction


On the 12 September 2019, the Dynamo Users Ireland Group (DUIG) will host their first dedicated meeting in Dublin, between 6pm-9pm at Autodesk HQ, 1WML, Windmill Lane, Dublin 2. This event will have local and UK based experts giving presentations.

Dynamo is a free visual scripting or visual programming tool that allows designers who don’t have any coding background to create their own computer scripts, which leverages the backend capability and power of their sophisticated design software tools, like Autodesk Revit, to automate many mundane and repetitive tasks, or perform complicated constructions of geometry, based on variable conditions and rules, as defined by the user in the scripts (also known as generative design, or computational design).

BIMIreland.ie spoke to Ralph Montague, Director of ArcDox BIM Consultants, and Coordinator of the Dynamo Users Ireland Group. “Tools like Dynamo, are going to be a game-changer for the construction industry,” said Ralph. “Not only can we take mundane and repetitive tasks, and begin to automate these across many projects, savings many hours of unnecessary work, but we can encode, and embed the complicated ‘rules of design’ into scripts, which can be applied across many projects, helping the design process, and also helping to check design against compliance with building regulations, projects requirements etc.”

This is an incredibly powerful way to capture and transfer vital design knowledge, from senior experts, to junior apprentices, digitally captured in computer-aided scripts, to reduce the loss of vital knowledge, or business intelligence, often stored in the minds of certain individuals. Suddenly, designers are not constrained by the standard functionality of their design tools, as provided by software vendors, who may not fully understand the needs of designers, but they can invent their own functions, processes and procedures, using the underlying capability of their design tools, and they can save and share their algorithms and functions with others. This ability of Dynamo, has led to the development of a fantastic community of independent contributors and enthusiasts across the world, who have developed scripts and functions, and who have been willing to share these with other users. This is a great example of social BIM.”

The first meeting of the Dynamo Users Ireland Group will feature two speakers, from an Irish background, but currently practicing in London, who recently participated in the UK Dynamo Hackathon, and who took 1st Prize for their project in that event. “We look forward to welcoming Caoimhe Loftus of Callison RTKL, and Wayne Dalton Pascall + Watson Architecture to Dublin,” Ralph said. “We also have two local expert users of Dynamo contributing. Neil Reilly form BAM Contractors, and Ivan Hernandez from ArcDox. It promises to be a great event.”

Unfortunately, the 1st event on 12th September has already sold out, but we encourage interested parties to sign onto the “waitlist”, in case there are any cancellations.

Dynamo User Ireland Group are eagerly seeking other users of Dynamo in Ireland, who are willing to present what they are doing at future events. If you would like to get involved, please complete the ‘Call for Presenters Survey’ here.

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