CitA BIM Gathering speaker Q&A


Presenters from industry and academia talk to about the upcoming CitA BIM Gathering in Galway’s Galmont Hotel on 26th September and tell us about their papers and presentations. #CitABIMGathering

Emma Hayes, Digital Built Consultants 

Emma Hayes is Managing Director of Digital Built Consultants, a BIM and Digital Information Management Consultancy. She is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Technology from DIT Bolton Street and a Master’s Degree in BIM Management from Middlesex University.

Previously, Emma was the Group BIM Manager with the project delivery specialists, PM Group. Emma has presented research papers at international conferences such as the CitA BIM Gathering, is a Board member of the Construction IT Alliance (CitA) as a non-executive director and is involved in the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP). She mentors and supports the development of women’s careers in BIM through her involvement in the Women in BIM (WiB) network. She is also a part-time lecturer on the Middlesex University BIM Management Master’s Programme and on the Dublin Institute of Technology MSc. in Applied BIM and Management Programme.

What is the title of the paper?

Overcoming Resistance to BIM – How small to medium size companies within the AEC industry in Ireland can overcome resistance to the implementation of the BIM process in practice.

What is the focus of the presentation?

Overcoming resistance to BIM implementation in SME companies in the AEC industry.

Why is this an important topic in digital construction?

Our industry needs to identify and address the current barriers to BIM adoption before we can completely transform the Irish Construction Industry to digital construction.

Have you attended the Gathering or CitA events in the past?

I have attended the previous Gatherings and many CitA events in the past. These events have included excellent speakers from around the world and have been very well organised.

What are you most looking forward to at the CitA BIM Gathering in Galway?

Seeing the keynote speakers and networking with peers from both Ireland and other countries.

Sarah MacLoughlin, Kavanagh Tuite Architects

Sarah MacLoughlin joined Kavanagh Tuite Architects having qualified from the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2015 with a BSc. Honours in Architectural Technology. At Kavanagh Tuite Sarah is part of a design team involved in planning, tender and construction phases of a large multi-site, multi-building, data centre projects and projects at Dublin Airport. Sarah recently completed the three year part-time MSc. in Applied Building Information Modelling and Management Degree at the Technological University Dublin, in which Sarah achieved a First Class Honours Degree. Sarah will be the presenter of the above paper which she and Emma Hayes researched and wrote together.

Gary Nixon, Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd

Gary Nixon has been working for IES since 2007. Gary is currently a business development manager and product manager for Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. In the business development role, Gary Nixon has worked and is active in the Irish, UK, USA, European, South African and Australian markets predominantly on the Virtual Environment software side of the IES business. Gary has an in-depth technical knowledge and experience of building performance modelling software and building physics in general.

In parallel to his role as business development manager, Gary is the product manager for IES TaP since 2012. IES TaP is a secure, cost-effective and easy to use project management system, to streamline, manage and automate the certification process for Green Building Ratings Online. IES TaP is in four different regions namely: UK, EU, USA, and South Africa.

What is the title of your paper?

Digital Engineering, Data Analytics and Model Calibration The Future of Building Operation?

What is the focus of your paper presentation?

The utilisation of operational building data alongside advanced analytics to enhance 3D energy modelling which has traditionally only been used at design.

Why is this an important topic in digital construction?

In order to significantly reduce building energy use, tackle the performance gap and ensure that design intent is followed through into operation, the use of simulation tools and operational building data as part of a Digital Engineering approach must be embedded across the entire lifecycle of a building.

Have you attended the Gathering or CitA events in the past?

Yes, I’ve presented several times.

What are you most looking forward to at the CitA BIM Gathering in Galway?

Meeting like-minded people and hearing the latest innovative thinking from industry experts.

Dr. Mark Kelly, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Dr. Mark Kelly is a lecturer in the Department of Building and Civil Engineering in the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. Mark has led several industry-focused research projects on construction and demolition waste management and resource efficiency over the past 20 years. He is currently leading two EPA-funded projects in collaboration with Carey Building Contractors, which are exploring circular economy and resource efficiency opportunities on selected case studies and a National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning project, ‘BIM-Futures’, which aims to pilot a professional development framework for academics, students and industry stakeholders involved in BIM-related practice.

What is the title of your paper?

The BIM Futures Toolkit: Designing, developing and piloting a professional development capacity framework for academic staff involved in BIM-related education.

What is the focus of your paper presentation?

BIM education, competences and skills.

Why is this an important topic in digital construction?

There is a need for a coherent and coordinated national BIM educational framework that will support the industry in leading the digital transition.

Have you attended the Gathering or CitA events in the past?

Yes. I attended in 2015. It was an excellent experience with top-class presentations and provides a unique networking opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to at the CitA BIM Gathering in Galway?

Engaging and networking with industry and academics to explore how we can support each other during this phase of the digital transformation of the sector.

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