Topcon’s GTL-1000 showcased at CIF Digital Construction Summit


The CIF Digital Construction Summit (DIGICON 2019)  showcased the unique GTL-1000, with live demonstrations by the Topcon team.

Topcon Positioning Group introduces a new generation of scanning robotic total stations — the GTL-1000. A compact scanner integrated with a fully featured robotic total station, the system is designed to offer a powerful instrument for single-operator layout and scan on a single set up. Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, it offers a new standard of construction verification workflows.

Chris Emery, Senior Manager Vertical Construction at Topcon Positioning Group, delivering his Keynote at DigiCon

The GTL-1000 will be showcased and demonstrations given at the CIF Digital Construction Summit today, 13 June. Chris Emery, Senior Manager and Adam Box, Business Development Manager from the Vertical Construction unit of the Topcon Positioning Group will be attending the Croke Park event at which Topcon is a Gold Sponsor.

Speaking to just before the launch, Chris and Adam said:  “GTL-1000 is unique in both appearance and functionality. It democratises the digital capture process for our customers bringing accurate scanning capability to people familiar with the use of a total station.  Finally delivering the desired and previously unobtainable goal of continuous scanning capability to the user with almost no impact on their daily tasks.

“This is a significant product for Topcon as it merges the capability of a total station and laser scanner without compromising on either.  Designed specifically for the construction verification process it allows a user to have a near real time understanding of deviations from the design model helping eliminate on-site errors and improve construction efficiency.

“The GTL-1000 is the culmination of many years of development and in the field proving.  We have received great customer feedback from the UK and US contractors that have tested this on their sites for the past 12 months.  The launch of the GTL-1000 across Europe has been extremely well received and we are delighted to be bringing it to Ireland to showcase it at the Digital Construction Summit.”

Minister Patrick O’Donovan and Sean Downey, CIF, testing the Topcon GTL-1000 with Topcon’s Mark Fagan, Declan Byrne and Karol Friel at DigiCon

The innovative instrument includes a complete robotic total station that provides full-featured layout functionality with single operator control. The system is designed to build upon proven prism tracking and accuracy that allows operators to confidently layout points in challenging construction environments. With the press of a single button, operators can then initiate a scan.

The instrument is designed to enable significantly faster speeds than comparative site scanning workflows. “Operators can conduct a full-dome 360-degree scan in just a few minutes. More traditional systems and methods take considerably longer,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global product planning.

After processing with MAGNET Collage, the workflow is completed with ClearEdge3D Verity, an advanced software tool that automates construction verification.

“The seamless integration of the GTL-1000 and Verity creates a complete package that is perfect for construction verification using 3D modeling techniques,” said Kerwin. “The result is a system that offers ultra-powerful full-dome scanning to quickly capture duct work, columns, beams, girders, flaps, penetrations and structural steel. It helps to improve quality assurance, providing clear visual indication of construction quality heat maps to minimize the effects of mistakes before they become expensive problems.”

Nick Salmons, principal laser scanning surveyor at Balfour Beatty, said, At Balfour Beatty, we are dedicated to driving innovative new working practices across our business as part of our 25 percent by 2025 initiative. The new Topcon robotic scanning solution will increase productivity on site by accelerating the construction process and identifying design challenges more efficiently than traditional methods.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with Topcon over the last twelve months to trial this new tool, which will significantly benefit the industry as a whole; reducing cost and program duration, for both clients and contractors alike.”

Additionally, the instrument includes on-board MAGNET® Field software designed to offer real-time field-to-office connectivity, and TSshield® for investment protection and maintenance.

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