RIAI Publishes BIM Pack to Support Digitalisation of Irish Construction Industry


Significant advances in information technology are driving substantial change in the construction industry.  Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves the digitalisation of the construction industry through a combination of technology and standardisation and uses the digitalisation of physical and functional characteristics of places.

To support this change the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) has published a new BIM pack for use across the construction industry.  The online resource is aimed at architects and architectural technologists as well as clients, industry professionals and educators.

Considerable opportunities are available to organisations and individuals who adopt BIM. It gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, and construct buildings and infrastructure.

Michael Earley, Chair of the RIAI BIM Subcommittee, said: “There are challenges ahead for the construction industry and while BIM will not solve all problems, there is opportunity through BIM to reduce risk, improve performance and eliminate costly waste by virtually building and testing design before any activity takes place onsite.”

RIAI CEO Kathryn Meghen said: “Technology has the potential to transform construction in the same way it has transformed other industries. Through the development of the RIAI BIM Pack, the RIAI has created a platform for the construction industry to modernise our business. By moving to a digital process, with standardisation at the core, we can achieve increased efficiency without any loss in quality.”

What is in the BIM Pack? 

  • The BIM Pack provides a set of comprehensive advice notes and templates for organisations and individuals considering undertaking a project in BIM.
  • All documentation has been prepared for compliance with PAS1192 standards published by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and guidance documents by the Construction Industry Council (CIC).
  • The documents cover all project stages including briefing, pre-contract submissions, appointment and post-contract documentation leading to handover.

Where can I find the BIM Pack?

  • A suite of documents are available to the public on the RIAI website.
  • The RIAI has also developed resources for Members which are available to RIAI members in the BIM area. 

Next Steps

BIM requires full participation by all industry professionals to be successful. While standards such as PAS1192 and ISO 19650 are very useful, the mixed interpretations of those standards across professions and organisations has been a limiting factor in the success of BIM adoption. With the recent publication of ISO 19650 as an international standard for BIM, the RIAI BIM Subcommittee will be engaging with industry partners to encourage a coordinated approach to procurement and execution of buildings and infrastructure based on industry standards around BIM.

Background to the BIM Pack

The RIAI recognise the importance of BIM and following on from the publication of the PAS1192-2:2013 standard in the UK, recommended Level 2 BIM as good practice for architects undertaking projects in BIM.

The RIAI BIM Subcommittee, which was formed as a part of the RIAI Practice Committee, released draft guidance documents on preparing a BIM Execution Plan and later guidance for employers on preparing an Employer Information Requirements (EIR) document for inclusion in the tender of both design and construction teams.

The BIM Pack can be accessed at www.riai.ie.

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