Belfast Met being ‘Sustainable’ in Italy


Belfast Met energy project BIMcert takes centre stage in Italy on June 6th at the ‘Sustainable Places 2019’ event in Cagliari.

The SP2019 focus is on designing, building and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way.Keynote speaker Paul McCormack, Belfast Met’s BIMcert Programme Manager  will highlight how the market demand for upskilling will empower the use of BIM in construction.

BIMcert is a European wide project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research programme. The project aims to provide a training and qualification for the skills required to support the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) across the construction chain. BIM offers the opportunity for improved efficiencies for the construction industry in energy, materials and time.

The ‘Construction Skills’ workshop will highlight the demand for energy skills in the market, both from the supply side which is the construction sector and the demands side which is building and homeowners.

Paul Mc Cormack will share the platform with spokespersons from other Building Information Modelling projects including Ana Tisov from BIMplement and Sylvain Kubicki from BIMeet.  The conference aims at collecting experiences from leading European projects, initiatives and research related to building renovation actions in cities to start developing a community of stakeholders. The workshop aims at sharing and disseminating projects that cities are developing to reduce energy consumption and renovate the building stock.

Paul Mc Cormack will enter a  ‘Smart Cities’ debate which will include an analysis of energy concepts based on renewables and heat recovery for buildings and districts.   A debate on ‘Renovation Strategies’ will look at major renovations of historical buildings and sustainable improvements in the case of Milan. The conference will also examine the barriers and constraints of BIM implementation during the building and renovation process in the construction market.

Looking forward to the  event Paul Mc Cormack, BIMcert Programme Manager said: “BIMcert seeks to collaborate with the other BIM projects at the workshop and indeed the Italian experience. We are interested in illustrating how BIMcert can maximise  energy savings in buildings, and a better management of resources and materials. We want to engage with the entire construction sector supply chain to raise awareness of how BIMcert can drive sustainable energy efficiency at all stages of the process. The aim is to develop a European Framework recognised and accredited with BIMcert’s learning modules.  BIM is a digital platform to optimise the building lifecyle and I hope to learn from the Italian construction experience.”

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