Solibri to showcase Model Checker at CitA Tech Live

0 chats with CitA Tech Live sponsor Solibri about the ‘Solibri Model Checker’, their services and we hear what they will be showcasing at the event on November 8th & 9th.

Solibri develops and markets software solutions that improve the quality of building information models (BIM) and included datasets for building owners, designers and constructors. Solibri Model Checker is a tool that analyses and validates the integrity and quality of the design, constructability and handover information using logical rulesets to check against building codes, industry, company or project specific standards.

Spatial awareness algorithms and user defined rules allow the software to perform advanced checks based on the space utilisation revealing potential flaws and weaknesses before a brick is laid.

Any potential issues are highlighted and prioritised for communicating back to the author for remediation utilising Excel, pdf or BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) files for advanced BIM workflows.

After the Quality Control process is completed the model can be used for accurate data mining and reporting on quantities or other reports such as COBie with a visual bi-directional link to the graphical model.

CitA Tech Live media partner speaks with Solibri about the Solibri Model Checker and their services and what will be showcased at CitA Tech Live.

Can you list your products and services?

Solibri UK Ltd are responsible for all activities relating to our product Solibri Model Checker in the UK and Ireland. This includes, sales, marketing, training, implementation, technical support and consultancy services.

What makes your products and services stand out from the competition?

Solibri is recognised as the market leader and indeed created the model checking category, developing a product way ahead of its time by providing tools to check building information models for compliance and quality against any standards starting more than 10 years ago.

Can you describe what you will be showcasing at CitA Tech Live?

We will be showcasing Solibri Model Checker 9.9 and showing how you can easily and quickly provide quality assurance to authored models and/or quality control to models that you receive and need to use. This could be general clash detection, compliance against regulations, checking fire escape routes or validation of information for asset management such as COBie or any other dataset.

CitA Tech Live takes place at Croke Park on November 8th & 9th. You can register here.

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