November 8 & 9 CitA Tech Live at Croker


CitA Tech Live takes place on November 8 & 9 at Croke Park, Dublin. This is CitA’s flagship event for the year and will have 50 exhibitors, international keynote speakers, 4 live stages, panel discussions and networking opportunities with construction industry professionals. The Irish Construction Industry will talk Digital!

Irish building and are the CitA Tech Live media partners and here we will tell you about the event and hear from some of the organisers and speakers as they reveal what we can look forward to next November.

CitA Tech Live

CitA Tech Live is organised by the Construction IT Alliance (CitA), Ireland’s premier multi-disciplinary construction network. CitA promotes and supports the best use of technology within the construction industry and provides discounted training to construction professionals through the CitA Skillnet.

Each year CitA organises a major event which brings the industry together to talk construction technologies and the future of construction. CitA Tech Live will allow exhibitors to showcase the latest construction technologies available in the market. Along with 8 keynote speakers, the event will have 4 live stages where attendees will be able to see the technology in action! Taking place in the historic Croke Park Stadium, this event will be a fantastic opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn about new technologies that are being used in construction and those about to come on the market.

The themes that CitA Tech Live will explore are:

•   Smart Cities & Internet of Things   •   Reality Technologies   •   Robotics & Automation

•   3D Printing   •   Drones & Geo-Spatial Technologies   •   BIM Innovations

A great location, Croke Park is a historic and landmark venue and has proved to be a world-class conference venue in recent years. It is the third largest stadium in Europe, a prime visitor attraction in Dublin. CitA Tech Live will be held in the comfortable Hogan Suite. This is CitA’s third event in Croke Park as CitA were one of the first organisations to use the new stadium over 10 years ago and held the 2017 CitA Gathering there last November.

The sponsors for this event are well-known names in the Irish Construction Industry. Sponsors include: BAM, SIS, Diatec, Graphisoft, Invicara, LES, Murphy Surveys, SIS, Solibri and Topcon.


CitA Co-Founder Dr Alan Hore talks about CitA Tech Live and what the event will offer.

“This event differs from other events we have run in the past,” Alan explains as we talk about CitA Tech Live. “We have heard so much in recent years about how Digital is set to transform our industry. This event seeks to give an insight into a variety of trending technologies that are currently transforming our industry. We are focusing on 6 technology streams: Smart Cities & Internet of Things; Reality Technologies; Robotics & Automation; 3D Printing; Drones & Geo-Spatial Technologies and BIM Innovations.” Alan explains, “We are trying to broaden and deepen the conversation with the tech providers by hearing about technologies that are only starting to be deployed in our industry and also to hear of early-stage developments of technologies like Blockchain and Automation Technologies.”

Alan Hore

“We are delighted to be heading back to Croke Park again in November,” Alan says when briefly talking about the successful 2017 CitA BIM Gathering held there last year. “The BIM Gathering is identified as the go to BIM event in Ireland and we are looking forward to its return in 2019. But CitA Tech Live will have a focus beyond BIM by showcasing a variety of technology trends, illustrating how they can be deployed in the construction industry.”

CitA have set about identifying a number of keynote speakers from across the globe to speak on these technologies he says. “To-date we have secured five keynotes which include Savannah de Savary, the Founder and CEO of Built-ID; Bruce Mace, Director of Facilities Management for the UCSF Health regional hospital system in San Francisco, California; Martin McDonnell, Chairman and Founder of the Soluis Group and Sublime; Donal Sullivan, Vice-President and General Manager of Johnson Controls Ireland and Alain Waha, global lead for BIM and Digital Transformation at BuroHappold Engineering. We are hoping to add additional keynotes over the next few months so that all of the technologies we are focusing on are adequately covered.”

Alan further states: “We plan to augment these keynote speakers with presentations and demonstrations from our event sponsors and other invited speakers. This will be an excellent networking event, where delegates will learn about technologies that will help change the future shape of construction. There will be an open call for additional presentations once we have secured all our keynotes and filled all our sponsorship slots.”

Alan finally adds: “I hope the event will emphasise why it is important that we keep our feet firmly on the ground and do the basics right by using the right technologies to support the right workflows. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype that some technology providers promise, thus a pragmatic demonstration of these technologies with real-world examples of their use will be important for delegates to see.”

For the organising committee, Alan selected people who have vast experience in the industry and who could use this to develop a world-class event in Dublin. Irish building speaks to some of the members to get their views on the event.

Anand Mecheri, CEO of Invicara

Invicara CEO Anand Mecheri gives us his thoughts on being selected as an organising committee member while praising the work of CitA. “I am delighted to contribute my time and engage my industry network to support the success of this event. CitA has been doing amazing work to further the Irish Construction Industry’s journey towards a digital future. Everyone in the industry is vested in CitA successfully achieving its mission.”

Anand says attendees should expect great keynotes, and presentations that showcase technology in real-world deployments, great conversations and networking and he tells us why people should attend. “We are at the cusp of change. BIM and digitalisation is gathering momentum faster than most realise. To see, hear and learn from what is happening is critical at this point in time. I would bet that every professional who comes to CitA Tech Live will get inspired to take at least two concrete steps forward in their digital journey.” He says the conference theme is great as it brings together pretty much all of the key technologies that will be impactful and likely to digitalise design, construction and operations of buildings and infrastructure.

Anand gives us his advice for industry professionals coming to the event. It is practical and to the point. “Do attend with a learning mindset. We need to drop a lot of baggage, old ways of doing things. Let’s be open to new ideas, embrace innovation and most importantly find a few definitive steps that can be implemented in our businesses immediately after we get back from the event. In the world of technology, only when we implement learning starts.” Anand is looking forward to Croke Park. “I look forward to a great event, meeting and sharing ideas with some of the brightest minds in our industry.”

John Kerrigan, Country Manager at Leica Geosystems

John Kerrigan is an experienced Country Manager for Leica Geosystems and brings great tech experience to the committee. “I am very happy to be involved with CitA and help out where I can,” he says. “It’s such an exciting time to be involved in the Digital Construction marketplace and CitA always put on a fantastic event in November. It is one of the conferences that is in the diary as soon as it is advertised.”

John tells us that this event will help companies improve the way they do business due to the range of innovations on show. “This year’s event is all about the technology that is behind the advances in Digital Construction. It is at these events that organisations will see something that could really change their workflows and make them a better company for their own staff and also their clients.”

Looking forward to the event, John is encouraging his customers to attend and has a similar message for readers. “Get signed up quick as it will be well worth it! I personally will be getting customers to attend. I really can’t wait for it and to see all the brilliant tech that will be on show.”

Leica have a range of great surveying products which Irish building are hoping to see again in November, including the Irish Construction Excellence Award winning Leica BLK360.

Emma Hayes, Managing Director of Digital Built Consultants

Digital Built Consultants Managing Director Emma Hayes says she is delighted to be selected as an organising committee member for the inaugural CitA Tech Live conference. “The conference will showcase the latest digital technology to enhance the Irish Construction Industry. It would not happen without the organising committee members who are sharing their industry experience and knowledge of construction technology to develop the running order and gather relevant keynote speakers for a very exciting conference in November,” she tells us.

Asked what attendees can expect, Emma says: “Attendees will get to hear international speakers on topics such as Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics, 3D printing, Geo-Spatial Technology and BIM Innovations along with getting to experience these technologies in hands-on workshops. The conference is relevant to all construction professionals from the design team through to the constructors and building owners as it will give them an opportunity to learn about the latest and future technology in the construction industry and also give them a chance to get practical experience of the technology.” Emma is  particularly interested in the Smart Cities and Internet of Things element as this technology is improving the environment by making cities run smoother and more energy efficient which is very relevant to the construction industry. “I would encourage construction professionals from all disciplines,” Emma says “whether you have a limited understanding of construction technology or you are a construction tech expert, to join us at CitA Tech Live on the 8th and 9th of November 2018 as there will be something for everyone!”

Louise Kelly, Digital Construction Manager at ACB Group

“After being a keynote speaker at last year’s CitA BIM Gathering, I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the organising committee for CitA Tech Live 2018,” Louise Kelly tells us.

An experienced Digital Construction Manager, Louise says the event will be of great interest to construction professionals. “November’s event will be full of exciting and innovative technologies. Industry leaders from each of the 6 streams will share their knowledge and give a fresh perspective on technical advances in their sectors. CitA Tech Live is a must for busy professionals, who need to keep their fingers on the pulse of construction technology trends, to see the best all together in one place and also to see how systems from other industries can be applied to construction.”

Louise tells us she is particularly interested in 3D printing and the value it can offer. “I’m looking forward to seeing 3D printing tech in particular. I believe 3D printing is the natural evolution from digital prototyping and is necessary in construction where visibility is key. Allowing someone to completely understand what they are building, buying etc. Also in a world that will always to some extent have construction tolerances it allows for the rapid manufacture of custom parts to suit a particular project.”

“The value of CitA Tech Live is that it’s more than a 2-day event,” Louise states. ”Yes, you will learn loads at the event but you will also meet the people who are influencing these technologies and driving the change. The network you create can add great value to your business or career.”

Colin Walsh, Managing Director of Irish building magazine

Colin Walsh says that this event will be a great showcase for construction technologies and an opportunity for live demonstrations. Colin is proud that Irish building magazine and are working with CitA as the media partners and says that CitA is particularly well placed to deliver this event. “Irish building magazine and have covered CitA’s major national events and conferences as well as regional meetings over the past few years and it is great to be working with our colleagues at CitA for this inaugural technology exhibition and conference.

“CitA Tech Live will demonstrate the technologies that are being used in the industry and will show what a technologically advanced industry construction is, requiring workers with knowledge of information technology as well as traditional construction expertise to complete complex projects. CitA Tech Live will not only help showcase the best technologies and innovations: drones, AR, VR, robotics, but will demonstrate what Irish companies can offer international clients with the technical expertise they have acquired. This event will also highlight to young people that construction offers diverse careers, is technologically advanced and far removed from the traditional image.”


CitA have announced some keynote speakers over the past few weeks and Irish building wanted to find out about their prolific careers, what their presentations will be focused on and what they are most looking forward to at the November event. Here we see their areas of expertise and some share their thoughts.

Bruce Mace, Director of Facilities Management for UCSF Health

Bruce Mace is Director of Facilities Management for the pre-eminent UCSF Health regional hospital system in San Francisco, California. With a career in architecture, 2D/3D design and construction, turning the corner to healthcare operations thirteen years ago was profound. He unfolded that opportunity into a passion and with a small team of creative, committed believers exposed the chasm between integrated project delivery BIM data output and powerful computerised maintenance management system potential.

“It is an honour to be invited to this event – to share the enthusiasm!,” Bruce states. Given an opportunity to implement IBM Maximo Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) enterprise-wide, UCSF Health Facilities Management took a leap of faith and created a small internal team comprised of IT people. Bruce will speak of this experience in November.

Asked what he is most looking forward to, he says: “Most looking forward to visiting and interacting with a like-minded group of BIM professionals in their beautiful home country. Sharing and gaining knowledge through discourse. Then, visiting with the Facilities folks from the New Children’s Hospital in Dublin – a venture very near and dear to my own heart and the focus of much of our own work. What could be more rewarding than providing foundational input and operational output to create a safer, more functional environment for the healthcare being provided to our littlest patients? Yes, I am looking forward to this opportunity on behalf of UCSF Health.”

Martin McDonnell, Chairman and Founder of the Soluis Group and Sublime

Martin is Chairman and Founder of the Soluis Group and Sublime. Since 2000, he has built a group of successful businesses that deliver best in class 3D visualisation and interactive digital presentation. His vision to connect the latest digital technology platforms to the needs of different market sectors has led his businesses to be amongst the earliest innovators in bringing the benefits of augmented and virtual reality to industries, including design, construction, manufacturing and healthcare.

Savannah de Savary, Founder and CEO of Built-ID

Savannah de Savary is the Founder and CEO of Built-ID: a proptech platform powered by leading property consultants and developers showcasing their projects and collaborations. After graduating from the University of Oxford in 2013, Savannah joined Thor Equities, where she managed NYC real estate development projects. In June 2015 she founded Built-ID, a proptech platform that makes it faster and easier to discover and collaborate on real estate inspiration and to instantly identify the creators behind those projects.

Savannah says she is looking forward to the event, presenting on 3D printing and hearing the other speakers. “I’m delighted to have been invited! It looks set to be a brilliant conference and it’s a privilege to be involved. I will be speaking about 3D printing in construction. My company Built-ID have some fascinating examples showcased by our members on the platform.”

Donal Sullivan, Vice-President and General Manager of Johnson Controls Ireland

Donal is the Vice-President and General Manager of Johnson Controls Ireland. Donal leads a number of businesses within JCI’s Data Enabled Business including the Connected Converged Security Business, which provides solutions to new threats and risks for large enterprises.

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi-industry leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. With over 130,000 employees it creates intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next-generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities.

Alain Waha, Global lead for BIM and Digital Transformation at BuroHappold Engineering

Alain is the global lead for BIM and Digital Transformation at BuroHappold Engineering. Reporting to the Global Design & Technology Director, Alain’s work since 2014 has been to institutionalise BIM across this global practice, and to steer technology initiatives. He also works with digital startups in proptech and automotive industries.

Alain is looking forward to the Dublin event. And will be talking about the BuroHappold experience. “I am excited to come and share with the Irish community our thoughts and experience from around the world. I will be covering the BuroHappold journey, from BIM to computational design. How, going beyond BIM, we are re-defining design. Can we design for outcome? Can we design for construction and additive manufacturing?”

Alain says the digital transformation of the industry is finally upon us. “BIM was only the beginning; BIM is now seen as the foundation (the digitisation) of a very powerful transformation, first more efficient processes, then radically new approaches – such as robotics or new business models.”

Media Partners

As the CitA Tech Live media partners, Irish building and will keep you up-to-date with news as we approach the event in November. On we will hear from organisers, speakers and sponsors as we get closer to the event. In Issue 4 we will bring you our full coverage of the event.

CitA Tech Live will see over 500 delegates attend the conference over the two days and hopes to connect industry professionals to innovation. Irish building recommends that you book your tickets as soon as possible as they are selling fast. If readers want to find out more about the November event and book tickets before they are Sold Out, visit the CitA Tech Live website.

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