Johnson Controls’ Donal Sullivan to speak at CitA Tech Live


CitA Tech Live is getting closer, speaks to Donal Sullivan, Vice-President and General Manager of Johnson Controls Ireland who will be giving a talk on Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things at the November event.

Taking place in Croke Park Stadium in Dublin on November 8th and 9th CitA Tech Live, organised by the Construction IT Alliance (CitA), is an event with 50 exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies in construction.  There will be 8 keynote speakers, including Donal Sullivan who will be talking about Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things.

Donal leads a number of businesses within Johnson Controls Ireland’s Data Enabled Business including the Connected Converged Security Business, which provides solutions to new threats and risks for large enterprises.

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi-industry leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. With over 130,000 employees it creates intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next-generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities.

Asked for his thoughts on being invited to the event, Donal says he is delighted to be invited to CitA Tech Live this year and believes his company and CitA have shared interests. “I feel there is great crossover in what we do at Johnson Controls, as experts in the smart buildings space, and the goal of the Construction IT Alliance in driving the transformation to digital tools in the industry. As such, I am looking forward to not just speaking myself, but engaging with other people to learn their views on the increasing intelligence of the buildings we work, live and enjoy ourselves in.”

Donal will be giving a talk on ‘Smart Buildings and IOT’ at CitA Tech Live. This is apt as Johnson Controls is foremost in this space. “We are leaders in security, fire safety and HVAC applications, but have combined this with developments in smart controls and centralisation. For example, a building fitted with our products and solutions can now be configured to be run from one central building management system. This increases efficiency and visibility for buildings managers.

“We have also been pioneers in some areas of data intelligence. For example, our False Alarm Reduction solution uses complex algorithms to assess and discard the huge number of false alarm signatures a system can flag. This removes ‘the noise’ of false alarms, leaving security professionals with just the important, real alarms to deal with. But there will be plenty more of this in my keynote.”

Being customer-focused is of primary importance to Donal’s company and he hopes to get some new ideas from the feedback of industry figures and experts that will be present at CitA Tech Live. “At Johnson Controls, one of our central tenets is to be customer-focused. This isn’t just the concept of customer satisfaction, which is a given, but is more direct, in that we are in constant dialogue with our customers to ascertain their problems and pain points. We then go and engineer solutions to those problems. In this way, there is no wastage, no free-form development of a system which has no utility to anyone.

“As such, I am looking forward to being in a room with a wealth of subject matter experts and industry figures, as their feedback and experiences will help me in that quest to develop specific, smart solutions. By engaging with them, I can take back new ideas and concepts to my teams, or further refine the tools we already have.”

This will be an interesting talk and Donal is one in a great line-up of speakers. You can check out the Keynote Speaker line-up for CitA Tech Live 2018 here:

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