Leading global firm Arcadis selects CostX


Exactal has just announced an agreement with Arcadis for the adoption of CostX as part of their global cost and commercial management activities.

Arcadis is a leading design and consultancy firm that specialises in natural and built assets. It is one of the largest cost and commercial practices with circa 4,000 industry professionals operating across 8 regions globally, with headquarters based in Europe.

With a focus on adopting new and innovative ways of working, the CostX solution is one of the key enablers towards a fully-digitised offering from Arcadis. Part of this includes a commitment to 100% BIM, of which cost and commercial expertise is a key element. An industry-leading 5D BIM technology offered by CostX was a major contributing factor behind the agreement.

Arcadis cited several key reasons as to why it selected CostX as its platform of choice. Support for a range of native file formats, ease of use and features like live-linking – which supports Arcadis’ new ways of working globally – were among the major benefits listed. The ability of CostX to support Standard Method of Measurement libraries and automatic filtration of BIM objects based upon classification were also noted as important to the Arcadis business.

Exactal’s Managing Director EMEA Steve Dousie welcomed the news; “Our team was extremely pleased to finalise this deal so that Arcadis will begin working with our CostX platform, and we look forward to working collaboratively with the firm going forward. We are committed to offering the Arcadis design and consultancy teams as much support as they need to deliver the benefits they seek for their business.”

Andy Beard, Global Leader of Cost and Commercial Management at Arcadis, added; “The increasing digitisation of the industry has opened up even more opportunities to take advantage of new and emerging technologies for the benefit of our clients. Thanks to our 100+ year history, we hold one of the largest global asset and cost data sets in industry. Now with the benefit of CostX, we can accelerate new ways of working to deliver leading solutions for the benefit both of our clients, and ultimately for their customers. Our overarching objective is to be recognised as the Digital frontrunner in industry, and we look forward to working closely with Exactal moving forwards to proactively deliver the innovation necessary to meet the future needs of our clients.”

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