The Robots are coming


The use of robots on construction sites is emerging as a potential aspect of digitising construction. Robots are being tested on sites to help improve quality, productivity and lift heavy loads safely with new technologies being tested in labs around the world. identifies some for our readers, looking at the work of The B1M covering robotic technologies as we look forward to CitA Tech Live.

A recent video from The B1M shows a range of robots, some laying bricks and others surveying and moving materials; we see an autonomous cart following workers around a site. This short video shows the potential for robotics and AI and how building can be made easier for humans as highly repetitive tasks are automated and they no longer have to worry about varying levels of quality and productivity. You can view the video The Construction Robots are Coming in full here.

However, this is not the only robotics video from The B1M. They have a portfolio of videos showing what work is being done in the fields of robotics and AI research around the world, from New York to Zurich. Here are three we recommend viewing:

‘The Rebar That Robots Tied’

‘Experimental Timber Frame Built by Robots’

Autonomous vehicles feature in The B1M’s ‘8 Construction Tech Trends to Watch in 2018’

CitA Tech Live

Construction robotics and automation is an interesting topic and one that Irish building and will be keeping an eye on. We have witnessed a major change across the world in last 5 years with the introduction of BIM in design and construction. We can only imagine what the next 10 years will bring as construction strives to deliver value to clients and to lower costs of project delivery. If you are interested in robotic technologies and what is happening in digital construction around the world, check out the upcoming CitA Tech Live event where you will be able to see real demonstrations.

CitA Tech Live will take place on November 8th & 9th in Croke Park, Dublin. This 2-day event will have 50 exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies in construction. Along with 8 keynote speakers, the event will have 4 live stages where attendees will be able to see the following technologies in action:

Robotics & Automation;
Smart Cities & Internet of Things;
Reality Technologies;
3-D Printing;
BIM Innovations;
Drones & Geo-spatial Technologies.

Irish building and are the media partners for CitA Tech Live and will be bringing you up-to-date news on the event over the coming months.

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