Explore Offsite Outlooks asks if BIM adoption is happening fast enough


New technologies and digital software are changing the way services, materials and contracts are procured across the construction sector. According to John Eynon, Engagement Lead of the UK BIM Alliance and speaker at Explore Offsite Outlooks – things are changing, but he questions whether the adoption of BIM is happening fast enough…

The purpose of the UK BIM Alliance is to lead the industry-wide drive for awareness, education and adoption of BIM Level 2 compliance and its universal benefits. It is fairly widely accepted now that BIM and digital construction is the present and the future. It is acknowledged that thanks to the Government’s ‘pull’ for modernisation of project delivery and asset management – the UK is now at the forefront of the global BIM programme.

While industry has come a long way in the last six years and reminds those of us working in the BIM space to pat ourselves on the back and feel some pride that our sector is changing for the better – in reality the proportion who can actually play their part on a BIM Level 2 project to the required standard, is still relatively small.  This observation is not limited to the supply chain but to clients too.  Therefore, the stark reality at present is although projects may or may not have BIM Level 2 expressed contractually, there are a number of reasons why the benefits of working in a BIM Level 2 environment are not fully realised by those involved.

In my opinion, it is now time for industry to step up and provide the necessary leadership to drive implementation of BIM Level 2 across the wider industry and there is also an opportunity for the supply chain to respond…

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Explore Offsite Outlooks – 28 February 2018

To find out how this can be achieved, John Eynon will be speaking at Explore Offsite Outlooks – discussing ‘Digital procurement, standardisation and transformation… and the UK BIM alliance.’

John Eynon will be joined at Explore Offsite Outlooks by an outstanding speaker line-up that includes: Andrew Orriss, Sales Director – SIG360; Ben Lever, Future Skills Manager – CITB; Jonathan Lock, Director – Design 4 Structures; Elite Sher- Head of VR & AR – Bryden Wood Technology. And more, for the full list of speakers go to: http://www.exploreoffsite.co.uk/2018-events/explore-offsite-outlooks/conference-speakers/

Further Details

The Explore Offsite Outlooks conference and supporting exhibition is taking place on 28 February 2018. This one-day conference and exhibition will create a platform for clients and their professional advisers, contractors and project managers and offsite technology suppliers to network with industry experts to discuss the latest developments in digital construction for the offsite sector. Tickets cost just £125 + vat and includes entry into the conference and exhibition, lunch and refreshments. There will also be an option of a guided tour of the BRE Innovation Park – to find out more or to secure your place at Explore Offsite Outlooks go to: www.exploreoffsite.co.uk/book

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