CitA will Launch New BIM Regions Website on November 17th


Cillian Kelly, BIM Leader Ireland of John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd. and the CitA Eastern BIM Region Co-Chair talks to about the launch of the new BIM Regions website and what it will offer the Irish BIM Community. The development of the site was led by Cillian and the Eastern BIM Region in collaboration with the BIM Regions, CitA, The B1M, and the BICP.

The BIM Regions website will be launched this Friday 17th November and will be updated on an ongoing basis. CitA are responsible for maintaining the site including updating content. Steering Committee members will discuss additions and updates at each group meeting.

You can view the website here:

Cillian says, “We are delighted with the great work that has been put in by everyone that has contributed to the website. We look forward to developing the website in the future and we feel the BIM Regions website Blog will be a key asset to the industry and we will promote the Blog to third level education colleges across the country.”

As part of the goals for the Eastern BIM Region, the Steering Committee agreed that a website for BIM Regions Ireland would be the main goal for 2017. Each Region was contacted directly and asked to join the website as a central location for sharing best practice resources with the wider BIM Community.

He tells us what the site will deliver: “The BIM Regions website will deliver a clear and focused message to industry. The site will encourage collaboration and share information across different regions. The site will deliver a platform for sharing best practice resources with the wider BIM Community. In addition to this, the site will raise awareness of BIM and promote a shared understanding of the issues we are facing in relation to BIM implementation.”

The Regions website will have links to BIM Community news and interviews and The B1M website where you can access short informative videos on BIM awareness. The new website will be launched on 17th November and Cillian and Mark Costello, BIM Director at RPS, Chair of the Western BIM Region will present the website at the BIM Gathering on 24th November at Croke Park. Concluding, Cillian says,The CitA BIM Gathering is a chance to engage professionals across industry and academia and we would welcome any feedback from your review of the new BIM Regions website.”

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