BIM for the Property Life-Cycle


The benefits of BIM for design and construction phases of projects are well understood, but there has been limited engagement within the post-construction property and asset management sector. BIM Ireland recently spoke to John Mockler & Nick Moriarty, founders and directors of praXis Property, who are looking to leverage digital technologies like BIM for improved and enhanced property and asset management services.

“Information is critical to the effective management of property assets”, says John Mockler, “whether for appraisals, sale or lease transactions, or indeed the daily operation and management. Good quality digital, searchable, accessible and accurate information, supports better processes and decision making, and reduces costs. That is why we are helping our clients to understand the value that digital information technologies like BIM, can bring to their property assets and portfolios”.

praXis Property also offer development advisory services, and Nick Moriarty’s experiences include financial modelling & monitoring for development. “There are significant opportunities to achieve cost and time savings for projects using digital processes like BIM, but these may only be realised if the Client asks for BIM at the right stage, and in the correct way. There are many different stakeholders involved in a project, but it is the Client who has the incentive and authority to drive these processes from the start. We do recognise that many Clients may need help in this area if they want to realise, or materialise, these benefits”, says Nick Moriarty.

“We’ve tracked developments internationally and global research over a number of years into the benefits of digitalisation in the property and construction sector, with a particular focus on the potential savings that can be achieved”, says Nick Moriarty. “A recent report in 2016 by the Boston Consulting Group, entitled ‘The Transformative Power of BIM’, noted that full-scale digitalisation could lead to costs savings in the order of 10-20% in design, engineering and construction phases, and 10-15% in the post-completion operations phase. These are notable and compelling numbers for our Clients, and we seek to work with Clients to understand and embrace the new technological age to realise these benefits on their projects”.

“We seek to connect the asset life-cycle stages and have been fortunate to work closely with one of Ireland’s leading BIM consultancy practices, ArcDox, over recent years to leverage their technical capability on projects in terms of expertise, production, support and training, in order to support our Clients and their projects. Their knowledge and background in design and construction complements our expertise in property and asset management, creating a full life-cycle service to Clients connecting the various data layers and enabling time and cost savings”, says John Mockler.

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