Levelling Equipment Services Ltd discuss their Leica Geosystem’s iCON range and Surveying Products and Services


Levelling Equipment Services Ltd (LES) has over 40 years’ experience in supplying, repairing and hiring survey equipment and cable locators, providing advice and training in all aspects of surveying. They have developed a reputation for a fast reliable service, with full technical support – just what the busy site needs.

LES are the main Irish agents for Leica Geosystem’s iCON range of construction, construction surveying and machine control equipment. This innovative range of instruments, controllers and software were specifically designed by Leica to cover the construction market, and include, Total Stations, Robotics, GPS, Graphic Controllers, BIM set-out solutions and Machine Control. LES have been heavily involved with iCON since its inception. This involvement and their interaction with engineers have led to LES being appointed a Beta test site for Leica iCON software, the only one in Ireland.

LES also specialise in Underground Cable Location equipment, selling, hiring, and calibrating all major makes of cable locators. They hire a range of GPR units for underground service location. In addition, they are exclusive Irish distributors for GeoSLAM 3D scanning equipment, MicroSurvey range of desktop software and Fieldgenius survey controllers, SECO surveying accessories, PointCAB 3D scanning processing software, and Rothbucher Systeme smart targets.

LES offer a modern, well-maintained hire fleet with competitive rates for long and short term hire. Company services include delivery to site, training and assistance with site set up if required, with ongoing technical support. The support includes remote connect to the loggers for assistance and training.

Irish building magazine spoke to Andrew Ricci of LES about the Company’s products and services. We asked if the industry’s interest in BIM has increased demand for their products and services. He said, “Yes, absolutely. The new Layout Object app from Leica is ideal for contractors who are looking for a straightforward solution to utilise objects directly from BIM models and this has led to an increased demand for the iCON range of robotic total stations, GPS and manual total stations. Leica iCON software is designed to improve and speed up tasks on site. It allows the engineer to spend less time in the office giving them more time on site. The ConX cloud service app allows the office to send data directly to the logger, automatically updating the model on the controller and the engineer can send surveyed/set out data back to the office in real time.”

Andrew told us about the Leica iCON build software. “This new Objects Layout app enables construction layout straight from design model objects. Simply load IFC data directly from a design software (such as Autodesk Revit), graphically select one or several objects and immediately start laying out, create offsets from objects or add relevant details while being on site. The advantage of using IFC data is that complete Object Classes are attached to the model, such as Foundations, Beams, Walls, these can be turned on and off as the site progress demands, this is done by selecting the object which will automatically generate points and lines from the object.”

“The engineer can simply select visually what he needs to see for his current work-task with the IFC Tree View. They can intuitively pick only those floor level objects that are relevant for the task at hand. Everything which is not needed, like furniture or electrical design, is simply hidden with one tap. The IFC brings with it the metadata attached to the model such as material type and dimensioning. With the newly added feature of the ‘Zlider Bar’ (vertical slicer) you can visually ‘cut’ the building to make hidden objects visible which is like having a Section Box tool right in the field. The Objects Layout app for build software will allow an easier workflow, as on sites you have multiple contractors, but now with the IFC set out option they will be setting out from the same model whether it is for the structural set out or MEP as they will all be working from the same BIM dataset.”

Andrew spoke about their most popular products. “The range of Rothbucher Systeme targets are very popular as they have become a standard on sites for site control and monitoring. Our hire range of cover meters too, including the Hilti PS1000, GPR scanners and the GeoSlam range of handheld 3D scanners are proving popular.”

LES have one of the most advanced Service and Calibration facilities in Ireland with Leica factory trained engineers. LES are the only Company in Ireland using the Leica CalMaster, the industry’s only calibration system issuing ISO 17123-6 certification for Leica rotating lasers.

Readers interested in LES products and services can contact their office on +353 1 627 0975 or email sales@lesirl.ie, and can visit the website for further information www.lesirl.ie

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