‘Building Information Modelling in Ireland 2017’ Report Released


CitA and the BICP Team have published the “Building Information Modelling in Ireland 2017” report. Here we provide Dr Alan Hore’s summary of the report and a link to the report.

Summarising the “BIM in Ireland 2017” report CitA’s Co-founder and the report’s Principal Investigator, Dr Alan Hore said, “BIM is perhaps the most topical issue in construction throughout the world at present, as it is associated with solving so many of the present concerns in our industry. Our lack of housing, shortage of skilled workers, poor document management, overrunning project budgets and sustainability challenges are just a few of the challenges that BIM promises to assist in solving. The increasing importance of ‘digitisation’ to modern construction and engineering businesses is becoming more apparent as more and more clients are explicitly asking for BIM in the design and delivery of new facilities and infrastructure. This report provides a snapshot of BIM in Ireland in 2017.

The report demonstrates the interest that BIM has gained in Ireland in recent years and the remarkable progress that Ireland has made in building BIM capability in recent years. The emergence of a BIM programme in the UK provided a focus for our industry in recent years. This report will demonstrate that Ireland’s BIM journey is well underway and in many respects we are as mature as any country in the developed world when it comes to BIM proficiency and diffusion. Our industry, public sector contracting authorities, educators and in particular Enterprise Ireland have responded in a very positive way.

A multitude of initiatives are presented in this report, which include the important work of the CitA BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) in Ireland, the National BIM Council and the recent publication of the Government’s position paper on a public sector BIM adoption strategy.

The particular responses by many of our tier 1 contractors, specialist M&E contractors, representative institutions and our higher education institutes has provided a solid platform of capability that will ensure that our industry and graduates of the future will be prepared for a more formal standardised requirement for BIM from both public and private clients both at home and overseas.”

You can view and download the report here: http://www.bicp.ie/irish-bim-study/

The report was prepared by Dr Alan Hore, Principal Investigator, Dublin Institute of Technology and CitA; Dr Barry McAuley, Post Doctorate Researcher, Dublin Institute of Technology and CitA; and Professor Roger West, Advisory Research Supervisor, Trinity College Dublin.

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