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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a proven process that keeps projects on time and on budget, reducing rework & increasing productivity and profitability. With substantial experience and understanding of the life cycle of projects in high precision and high value technical environments, Murphy Surveys recognise the challenges faced by clients working in market leading corporations.

Using state of the art surveying equipment , Murphy Surveys’ BIM Solutions (MSL BIM) provide a comprehensive solution combining accurate field work and intelligent office processing that increases the BIM benefits for clients. For renovation and retrofit projects, Murphy Surveys provide the most accurate field data using Laser Scanners to capture point clouds and Total Stations to capture discrete measurement points. Construction is then based on reality and not outdated or inaccurate data. For new construction, MSL BIM uses Total Station & Multi-station technology to replicate BIM layout points in the field, providing accurate, real world implementation.

MSL BIM Solutions aim to help the design team to lower waste, work more efficiently, reduce costs, increase profit margin and maintain greater project safety.

Improvements year on year in software vendor capabilities have brought about increased speed and quality in the ‘Scan to BIM’ processes. Murphy Surveys have built on previous expertise in the area of laser scanning and processing to provide multiple solutions to meet clients’ needs. The introduction of the firm’s new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) division has led to greater capabilities in terms of how the firm can now acquire this data. MurphyUAV’s team of skilled remote pilots can gain access to what may have previously been thought of as inaccessible areas, provide aerial inspections and produce BIM data directly via Scan to BIM.

MSL-BIM were recently appointed to undertake a measured building survey of a historical site within Dublin City Centre to provide laser scan surveys and an accurate BIM model of the site and surroundings that could be used as part of a BIM design and retrofit project of the heritage site.

The project involved high quality surveys of the areas of most concern with surrounding buildings and topography surveyed as context to different degrees. The BIM survey was developed to be used as a starting point and background for a design BIM process.

The environment was extremely complex and intricate with basements featuring a maze of different barrel vaulted ceilings, as well as floors and walls that were sagging and warping to a high degree in many different planes and sections, due to this a customized BIM approach was required.

This bespoke method allowed the firm to maintain the connections and visibility of native BIM objects along with the provision of important notes and comments available for data extraction, scheduling and filtered views. CAD based sub-contractors would still able to use Murphy Surveys’ data in an improved manner rather than had the company followed standard BIM modelling practices meant for design purposes ie. using standard regular components in a best fit manner.

Murphy Surveys’ BIM Solutions have the ability to include survey photography and 360 imagery directly into models, in a sense like Google Streetview, for the examination of heritage or structural information. This information can be used much more intuitively in conjunction with the BIM model. Small spheres are used as objects positioned at the laser scanner locations to view these points of views inside the model. URL links contained within can be used to access the 360 imagery as well as conservation reports and documents on specific objects within the same model through the firm’s dedicated online servers. This allows clients and users to view the imagery and any other associated information securely, safely and collaboratively.

The degree of accuracy consistently achieved throughout all projects has strengthened Murphy Surveys reputation, making the company one of the most technically proficient survey companies in Ireland today. Murphy Surveys understand the large responsibility that comes with their role, especially when delivering critical measurements on such important projects and strive for excellence in all aspects of their work.

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