CitA reveals Details of the 1st Event of the Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2017


CitA has just released details of its first Event of the Smarter Cooperative Building Series 2017. The event theme is “A Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy Update” and will include presentations from experts in their field.

The event will be held between 7.30am and 10.30am at the Royal College of Physicians, No.6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2 on Wednesday, February 15th.

“A Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy Update” is the event theme and will focus on the strategic efforts being carried out to adopt and utilise digital construction processes including BIM within the Irish industry, principally by public sector clients. The event will showcase the Grangegorman Development as an illustrative case study, presentations will highlight the past and present great work being carried out, setting out the advantages gained by utilising digital technology to augment and enhance construction workflows, while also highlighting the pitfalls and lessons learned throughout that journey on the project to-date. The meeting will also feature an update from the CIC BIM Working Group, from the Procurement Policy Unit as well as an update from the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) rounding out a holistic overview of public sector BIM adoption in Ireland from what promises to be an informative and engaging industry-driven event.

David O’Connell, Director of McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects will chair the event. David is chair of the Construction Industry Council BIM Working Group and will use the opportunity to update delegates on progress made/plans in respect to the Group.

Presentations will include:

Event Chair David O’Connell, McCauley Daye O’Connell – “Update on CIC BIM Working Group”.
David O’Brien, Construction Adviser, Procurement Policy Unit OGP – “Public Sector BIM Adoption Strategy Update”.
Ger Casey (and others to be confirmed), Signature Presentations from the Grangegorman Team – “Supply Chain BIM Requirements on Grangegorman Development Project”.
Dr Barry McAuley, BICP – “BICP Update”.

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CitA Director Dr Alan Hore said, “This year will be a very important year for Ireland and the BIM debate. Whilst BIM is acknowledged as a very innovative and sensible solution for the Irish AEC sector, it can be very disruptive and a cultural shift in the mind-set of the industry is critically important. There are rapidly evolving National Digital Programmes across the world, which will be evident in the soon to be published Global BIM Study by the BICP team in CitA. This event will provide a suite of important messages from influential and representative public sector clients on the merits and ingredients of a National Digital effort that will work for the Irish AEC sector. This will be an important event to attend for all members of the supply chain, as it will become clear that BIM will inevitably become routine practice in our industry and we must prepare for the behavioural change that will be needed.

CitA will be showcasing signature projects throughout 2017 that are deploying BIM and hear multi-disciplinary messages detailing how the future is built on collaborative working. Delegates will hear about lessons learnt and experience gained in working with BIM in an unregulated environment. The 2017 programme of events was designed in collaboration with all the constituent groups of the CIC, providing an opportunity to hear from all the professional and representative BIM groups as to progress they are presently making together with their future plans. In addition, the event will feature an update on the BIM Innovation Capability Programme that will assist and shape the work of the National BIM Council in the development of a Strategic Digital Construction Plan for Ireland.

I do hope that industry take notice and attend the CitA events in 2017. The Alliance is Ireland’s premier Multi-disciplinary Construction Network that seeks to prepare members for a more digital future that will provide better project outcomes for all.”

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