– 2016 – A Year in Review


2016 was an eventful year for BIM in Ireland, and provided coverage of national and regional CitA events, along with BIM news and interviews. Here we give you a short review of what we covered in 2016, and what you can look forward to in 2017. is an Irish building magazine resource in association with CitA. is Ireland’s only exclusively dedicated BIM resource. In 2016 we had a variety of news articles each week. We had regular BIM technology news, QnA articles, technical articles, and BIM job postings. With BIM People we had interviews with BIM professionals from Ireland and abroad.

Irish BIM Innovation Awards and CitA Events

The Irish BIM Innovation Awards was the biggest event on the Irish BIM calendar, and you can read our coverage on the website and in Irish building magazine. You can read reports from all of the 2016 CitA events, including the 2016 CitA Smarter Co-Operative Building Series, and the BICP on

Details of the 2017 CitA Smarter Co-Operative Building Series are now available:

BIM People

Our BIM People section features interviews with a host of famous international BIM experts and national BIM leaders. Here is a small selection of interviews from 2016:

David Philp, AECOM:

Paul Doherty, digit group, inc:

Fred Mills, The B1M:

John Hunt, Enterprise Ireland:

Michelle Fahey, JJ Rhatigan & Company:

Avril Behan, Dublin Institute of Technology:

Barry McAuley, CitA:

Ronan Collins, AECOM:


We did a number of BIM QnA articles with BIM experts from our panel answering questions specific to their individual areas of expertise. 2016 BIM QnA articles:

We are inviting questions for future articles. Email your questions to or Tweet @BIMIreland

Popular articles

There are many major topics in BIM and these are reflected in our articles. BIM adoption, technology giants influencing construction, BIM compliance, and BIM and Lean were the topics of popular articles this year on These are some of those articles:

‘Will Technology Giants enter the Construction Industry?’:

‘Ralph Montague – BIM for Lean Construction’:

‘BIM Level 2 Compliance Checklist’:

‘BIM Rising: Second National Survey on BIM adoption in Ireland’:

BIM in the latest issue of Irish building magazine

BIM was a primary topic in the magazine in 2016. The latest issue of Irish building magazine is packed with BIM news and interviews. In national BIM news, we have a full feature on the Irish BIM Innovation Awards with interviews with CitA’s Dr Alan Hore, the winners and shortlisted companies’ representatives. There is also a report on the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) Study, with positive news for Irish BIM adoption.

Women in BIM (WiB) has launched a database of women around the world who work in BIM. Irish building magazine talked to three Irish WiB members about the organisation and its work, and the coverage and representation of women in construction.

You can read about Midlands Steel and its activities in Ireland and the UK and the company’s BIM work in an interview with Managing Director Tony Woods. The issue features an interesting interview with Yusuf Akcayoglu and Dr Ozan Köseoglu on the Istanbul Grand Airport project. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) is the world’s largest airport project, and BIM is critical for its construction. There are also articles on Exactal, Coastway Surveys, Murphy Surveys and an interview with Autodesk Strategist Dominic Thasarathar. Aside from these, there are many more interesting articles in the issue.

You can view Ithe latest issue in full here: and Irish building magazine will keep you updated on BIM news from Ireland and abroad in 2017. We will keep you updated on the innovations and achievements of Irish companies offering BIM services at home and abroad. We will bring you news from CitA events and information on the upcoming 2017 CitA BIM Gathering.

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