BIM Books for Christmas 2016


Christmas is less than two weeks away and books are popular gifts. Here we look at what BIM books were published in the past year, what is popular, and what is coming soon.

Publishers and sellers are now marketing new books for Christmas. Also, if you search online you can see interesting books due for publication in 2017. Here we will identify and give details of seven BIM books.

BIM and Quantity Surveying
By Steve Pittard and Peter Sell

This book is to help quantity surveying practitioners and students understand what BIM means and how they should prepare to work on BIM compliant projects. The case studies show how firms at the forefront of this technology have integrated quantity surveying responsibilities such as cost estimating and tendering into BIM projects.

Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) Quality Control
By Bill East and Chris Bogen

Bill is the inventor of COBie and co-authored this book with Chris Bogen. It shows you how to check – and fix – COBie data during design and construction and provides step-by-step instructions to help you download, install, configure, use, and customize the leading free and open-source COBie Quality Control software.

Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook
By John Eynon

This handbook aims to ensure readers understand what BIM is, what the UK BIM strategy is and what it means for key roles in the construction team. John is Director and Chairperson of the UK BIM Regions.

BIM for Construction Clients
By Richard Saxon

For public and private clients, this book provides an introduction to what BIM means for clients and will enable understanding of the strategic value of BIM for clients and how it changes their role. It provides information on case studies, setting up a project, controlling of the design and construction stages with the use of data, and receiving and operating real and virtual assets. It also covers the future of BIM.

Delivering Value with Bim: A Whole-of-Life Approach
By Adriana X. Sanchez

This book provides a practical and strategic framework to realise value from implementing BIM by adapting Benefit Realisation Management theory. It presents an approach for practitioners aiming to implement BIM across the lifecycle of built environment assets, including both buildings and infrastructure. 

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Building Information Modelling For Dummies
By Stefan Mordue, Paul Swaddle and David Philp.

Published in 2015, this is popular among professionals. A great introductory book, it covers “… hands-on guidance for understanding drivers for change, the benefits of BIM, requirements you need to get started, and where BIM is headed.”

BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modelling for Owners, Managers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Fabricators, 3rd Edition
By Chuck Eastman, Paul Teicholz, Rafael Sacks and Ghang Lee.
Link to 2nd Edition:

Coming in 2017, this is the third edition of a popular book and is useful for anyone who is involved in the design, construction, and operation of buildings.

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