Leica Geosystems completes CAA qualifications


Leica Geosystems has announced its completion of all aspects required to fly and operate UAV’s Commercially by the UK’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Leica Geosystems has now achieved the PFAW certificate (Permission for Aerial Work) and can move on to lawfully operate commercially in the UK.

Law Obligations

To operate commercially in the UK, a company must achieve all qualifications and standards set out by the CAA relating to the weight class the system falls in order to achieve a PFAW (Permission For Aerial Work). Leica Geosystems’ system falls into the sub 7kg weight class meaning the completion of a theory course with an NQE (national qualified entity) was needed. This was followed by compiling an operations manual and finally completing a flight assessment. On successful completion of all three elements the company receives a PFAW certificate and is properly accredited to fly commercially.

Robert Heaver, Technical Specialist UAS at Leica Geosystems said: “For us as a company who want to showcase not only our UAS abilities but also our commitment to lawful and responsible flying, completing all mandated qualifications set by the CAA was something we were happy to do. This commitment along with our close relationship with RUSTA (Rheinmetall Unmanned Systems Training Academy) will also enable us to give industry leading training, support and advice to our customers and now allows us to move forward and demonstrate the Aibot X6 V2 at our upcoming demonstration days”.

“The CAA approval for the UK is a very important step for both, Leica Geosystems/Aibotix and our customers. The CAA approval symbolizes the high quality of the UAV Aibot X6 Version 2 and the training standards of Leica Geosystems and Aibotix. Professional UAV operators can be sure of the reliability and safety of the complete UAV solution of Leica Geosystems and Aibotix. The CAA approval offers many opportunities for surveying engineers, professional inspection companies and potential users in the field of agriculture and forestry”, said Ben Federmann, Director of Marketing and Communications – Aibotix.

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