BAM Ireland Leading The Way in BIM


BAM Ireland is leading the way in BIM implementation in the Republic of Ireland, having become the first organisation in the country to achieve the international industry standard for the use of the process for design and construction projects.

BAM’s BIM process, which provides 3D models for efficient visualisation and analysis of proposed designs, has been awarded PAS 1192-2 verification by the British Standards Institution (BSI). This certification is a mark of excellence in BIM and provides a consistent framework for the adoption of this emerging new industry process across the international construction sector.

Director of Built Environment at BSI, Andy Butterfield, said: “BAM should be pleased that they are the first organisation in the Republic of Ireland to be awarded verification against our PAS 1192-2 scheme. This has been developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders to ensure that organisations such as BAM Ireland are best placed for BIM implementation. We’re pleased to have been able to support BAM throughout the process.”

The BIM process and the associated technologies are considered invaluable to the successful delivery of a construction project, as it provides a common, coordinated and single source of well-structured digital information throughout the lifecycle of a project. This process delivers significant cost savings and efficiencies during design and construction while facilitating a smoother handover of project data at a project’s operational stage.

BAM has recognised the advantages of adopting this process to drive sustainable project delivery and has spent a number of months working to standardise and formalise their information management policies, procedures, and systems in line with the PAS 1192-2 requirements. These requirements include an onsite audit where BAM’s documented procedures and systems were assessed. They also involve an evaluation of BAM’s staff’s ability to deliver BIM in compliance with industry guidelines BS 1192-2007 and BS 1192-4.

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