CostX and Ireland a Perfect Match


CostX estimating software is continuing to establish itself as a key estimating program for the Irish construction market, and it’s a pattern that looks set to continue into 2016 and beyond.

One of the main reasons for CostX’s increase in popularity in the Irish region is the increasing interest in BIM for construction companies in Ireland. There is a high level of awareness, and a general acceptance that implementing BIM will be a necessary step to grow business. However, one of the main issues for companies that are wanting to make the switch to 5D BIM is that even if some of their projects are now in BIM, they are not receiving BIM exclusively, and furthermore, the models may often not contain all the required information they’d need to create a full estimate. Because CostX supports both 2D and 3D, it allows a company to transition their current practices across to BIM in a planned manner. Much of what they are already doing is still applicable in a BIM workflow and there is still a need to work with 2D drawing files within a BIM project. The main difference is the ability to interrogate the BIM model to extract quantities, and use the 2D files to verify and validate those quantities rather than measuring them.

The growth of CostX in Ireland has been phenomenal as people catch onto this- comparing the sales into Ireland for the first quarter of 2015 compared to the first quarter of 2016, there has been a 300% increase- and this only looks set to continue as more and more people begin to realise the benefits that BIM can bring them and the ease of switching with CostX.

We actually have a special connection to Ireland as our Sales Manager Craig originates from Cork. While we have recently appointed an EMEA Director, Steve Dousie, to manage our growth in the EMEA region as a whole, Craig is specifically focused on increasing our presence in the Irish region; he states “The potential for CostX in Ireland is huge- you mainly just find people using either scale ruler or sub-standard software that they’ve used for years because nothing else was available. Estimators are crying out for something that’s faster, smarter and more accurate, and that’s where CostX is the perfect fit”.   

Craig Dorney, Sales Manager attends last year’s CITA Conference

Craig Dorney, Sales Manager attends
last year’s CITA Conference

Certainly, many of our CostX users in Ireland would agree. It’s not uncommon for those that are in-the-know in regards to 5D BIM to also be the same ones using CostX for their business. And many companies just using CostX for 2D takeoff are also finding they’re saving both time and money by making the switch. There are several testimonials available on our website from satisfied customers both large and small at

Exactal’s activities in Ireland have been strong over the past few years; we’ve taken part in several conferences including most recently the CitA Conference in Dublin in November 2015, where we spoke on ‘BIM Revisions: Bringing Cost Plans to Life’. We regularly visit the region to visit clients and prospects alike.

We have regular CostX training courses run in Dublin, in partnership with DPW Group. Upcoming courses can be found on the website ( or interested parties can also email to express interest in an upcoming course.

It’s also important to note that for the past year, there has been a direct Irish phone number available – +353 (0) 1 901 4844 – making it easy for clients and prospects to contact us through a local phone call. Customers are pleased to note as well that through the Irish number, they are able to access support staff anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call- meaning 24-hour coverage by our international team in case of an emergency.

While Exactal is an worldwide company, with 9 offices in 7 countries (the most recent being our Malaysia office opened in May 2016) and over 7,000 licences sold into more than 70 countries, Ireland is always going to be an important focus for our team and we look forward to continuing a strong relationship with our existing Irish clients, as well as welcoming many new ones, over the years to come.

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