Report from the CitA Southern Series “Taking BIM to the Next Level”


The CitA Southern Series “Taking BIM to the Next Level” event was held on Wednesday, June 15th.

This was for professionals who wanted to know about getting to BIM Level 2. It was one event, held at four locations provided by four Institutes of Technology. Michael O’Brien, BIM Coordinator at BAM and Secretary of the CitA Southern BIM Region, reported on the event.


Cork Institute of Technology

The presentations were as follows:

Cameron Sunnerdale, Malachy Walsh & Partners, presented from Cork Institute of Technology on “Level 2 Naming Conventions”. Cameron gave an educational insight into BS1192-2007 and PAS 1192-2-2013. The presentation provided useful information in relation to the Naming Convention with File Naming Containers.

Tim Segal, IT Tralee, presented from Tralee on “Levels of Development. The ‘D-Factor’ in LOD”. The presentation was insightful covering all aspects relating to Level of Development and with Level of Model Definition (PAS1192). ‘D’= The depth of development detail definition in the delivered design documentation. The level of development is key to any project. The presentation’s purpose was to highlight the importance of attaching the correct information when designing a building.

Paul Vesey, Limerick Institute of Technology, presented from Limerick on “Security Minded BIM”. Paul’s presentation described what can go wrong with deficiencies in sharing information online. Setting up the security takes a lot of thought. Paul discussed a number of topics, including how to limit the amount of information that is being distributed, and restricting access to the models. He also talked about the global controlling of Data.

Carrick-on-Suir-PPPGary and David Falconer, CJ Falconer & Associates, presented from Waterford Institute of Technology on “Level 2 Project Experience” – a case study based on “Schools Bundle 4, Carrick on Suir”. David said how CJ Falconer & Associates were involved with BAM in reaching a milestone in the Irish Construction Industry by delivering the 1st Level 2 BIM project from project inception to facilities management. 

Michael said the Q&A session was interactive, with questions from each location. Summarising the event, he said, “I felt that the event was successful, we had excellent presentations which covered a broad aspect of BIM topics. We took a big step up on our journey from our 1st event “Back to Basics” where our presenters gave us a further insight into the importance of file naming, Level of Development, and how to protect our Data. “

“To finally see a Level 2 project after completion gave us an insight of how beneficial a 3D model is to coordinate the design before and during construction. Also to get a sense of what is to come when facilities management companies start to maintain the buildings post-construction.”

Michael said he wanted to thank those involved, the host colleges and the attendees. He said, “We hope to see you all at our next event.”


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