Successful 1st Meeting of the CitA North West BIM Region


Chairman Trevor McSharry reports the CitA North West BIM Region launch was a great success and well attended.

IT Sligo in collaboration with Letterkenny IT, CitA and the region set up a new Construction IT Alliance BIM North West Region to promote BIM knowledge, training, and best practices. To launch this initiative, an inaugural meeting took place at IT Sligo on Wednesday 11th May 2016, which was very well attended, with over 70 people. In total, 24 organisations were represented including IT Sligo, Letterkenny IT, IDA and other local companies from the construction sector such as consultants, contractors, architects, technicians etc.

The main organiser and chair for the event was Trevor McSharry, Head of Department of Civil Engineering and Construction at IT Sligo. After welcoming everyone, Trevor gave in insight into the functions of CitA and the need for a North West BIM region. He also summarized how IT Sligo are embracing BIM into their relevant academic programmes.

The keynote speaker was Ronan Collins, MD with Intelibuild, located in Hong Kong. Ronan is a native of Sligo and has over 10 years’ experience in BIM. Ronan gave some practical tips for successful BIM utilisation for both academic and industrial stakeholders. He highlighted that true collaborative nature of successful BIM projects, which is a key cultural challenge for the sector as it stands.

The next speaker was Dr David Collery, a lecturer at IT Sligo and formerly of DCS Engineering consultants in the UK. David presented on the pros and cons of the use of BIM for a coastal protection project, from the initial design stage to project execution.

Staff from Letterkenny IT- Anne Boner, Tony Carr and Ronan Gallagher then presented on their BIM related programmes and student projects they are running.

The event concluded with David Mullen, MD with Engineering Documentation who described how his company evolved from online documentation management systems for O&M manuals to a company which also provides Revit training and drawings as well as 3D scanning services for on-site progress and as-build assessment.

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