UK Product Manufacturers say ‘BIM is the future’


Product manufacturers are becoming increasingly interested in BIM because of what it can do for their commercial advantage and because it is being demanded by clients according to a new UK report.

The ‘BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers Survey’ conducted in Winter 2015/16 has been released. Competitive Advantage, on behalf of BIM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing (BIM4M2), has published its research findings. This is an update on a 2014 survey.

The number of product manufacturers providing BIM has increased over the last few years, and more are planning to invest in BIM.

The report says that the number of manufacturers that completed the survey and have already invested in BIM or planning to invest has now increased to 93% for 2015/16 from 90% in 2014.

The UK government’s BIM mandate is considered a stimulator for the increased interest. However, manufacturers are also aware of private clients’ demands for BIM. Manufacturers are not only interested in BIM objects but are now focusing on the BIM model as a whole and creating a more collaborative design environment.


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